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Cool beer hotline

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  • Grolsch Keeping beer cool
  • Grolsch Keeping beer cool
  • Grolsch Keeping beer cool
  • Grolsch
  • Grolsch Cool server

Beer connoisseurs will say that the amber nectar is meant to be consumed at room temperature. Pretty much everyone else in the entire world will say otherwise, including Grolsch. This Dutch beer brand believes that everyone, no matter when or where, should have a cool beer within reach.

Following initial 'Cool' activity in 2009, Grolsch has ramped up its efforts to ensure people never have to drink warm beer. To make this possible, the brand launched the 'Cool Hotlines' and traversed across the Netherlands trading warm beers for cold Grolsch ones. After a call to the hotline, consumers could expect a visit from a small moped with a refrigerator sidecar that would deliver cold beer to wherever they were. All types of canned beers available in the Netherlands, excluding house and private brands, could be traded free of charge against a chilled can of Grolsch.

To support the campaign Grolsch also launched other 'cool solutions'. The heat-reactive Cool Meter featured on every can (launched in 2009) indicated whether the beer had maintained its recommended drinking temperature, staying blue as long as the beer maintained a temperature of 6° to 8°C or less. The brand also created a 'Cool Server', a small robotic fridge on wheels, that consumers could win.

More Cool Tips and a Cool Alarm could be downloaded on A festival presence was also maintained using the Cool Service - a truck loaded with refrigerators full of cool beers.

"We offer consumers new, unique and reliable solutions to keeping their cans of beer delightfully cold," said director of marketing Jan Nales. "Last year's Cool campaign was enormously successful. This year will have its own grand follow-up."

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Brand Owner:
Drinks (alcoholic)
The Netherlands
June 2010 - ongoing
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