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No Apples: 100 Other Top Innovators


Cream's celebration of the most innovative companies from the last 12 months.

'No Apples:  100 Other Top Innovators' is a beautifully-designed hard-backed book featuring profiles of the most innovative companies from the last 12 months. Combining stunning imagery with in-depth interviews with key players at companies including Intel, Nike, Fiat, Spotify, ASICS, VW, (RED) and Kodak, the book is designed to celebrate and inspire.



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The one hundred companies contained within the book, dubbed 'Cream 100', include brands, agencies, consultancies, technologists, charities and funding bodies - all committed to embracing new challenges and uncharted territory.

The companies featured are from any geographic region, big or small, companies who are constantly evolving and not only held up to the recession, but rose above it.

When we set about seeking submissions for this book, it wasn't a huge surprise to find that a lot of people nominated Apple. This is good for Apple, but not so good if you are trying to create a book of 100 innovators. As a result, we had to specify that people didn't just nominate Apple, hence the book's title. We can all agree that Apple is undoubtedly an innovative company, but who else is there?  By taking it out of the equation we could give 100 other top innovators their share of the limelight.


To qualify for The Cream 100, they had to have in the last 12 months either:

-       Launched a new, innovative product or business model

-       Transformed a business/repositioned a brand

-       Come up with outstanding ideas for a range of clients

-       Developed a new technology that has changed the marketing landscape

-       Innovated to make a process or product more sustainable

-       Challenged the 'norm' in their geographic region or market sector


Order your copy of 'No Apples:  100 Other Top Innovators, curated by Cream' for just £55

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Are you or your work featured in The Cream 100?  You can customise your copy of the book with your own branding and content.  Contact for details.

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