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Sex sells

It may be a cliché that sex sells, but it might be more accurate to say that "cheeky" sells even more.

  • Sex gamble

    • Condomerie
    • Global

    An online condom store uses Chat Roulette to convey its HIV awareness message

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  • Sexy silhouette

    • Aubade
    • France

    A French lingerie company creates a girl-next-door fantasy in central Paris.

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  • Kinky co-ordinates

    • Love Honey
    • UK

    An online sex shop creates a national sex spend index using Google Maps and its aggregated sales data

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Projection advertising

They've been around for a while, but advancements in technology including 3D and mapping mean projections just got sexy

  • Samsung 3D TV

    • Samsung
    • The Netherlands

    Samsung goes 3D in social media powered projection event in historic building takeover.

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  • Space invaders

    • Alfa Romeo
    • UK

    Cutting edge technology and old arcade favourite come together in new Alfa Romeo launch.

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  • Puppet projections

    • Nikon
    • Japan

    Nikon showcases its projection technology by rigging up two pop stars with 12 projection cameras

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Cool beer hotline

  • Grolsch
  • The Netherlands

Beer connoisseurs will say that the amber nectar is meant to be consumed at room temperature. Pretty much everyone else in the entire world will say otherwise, including Grolsch. This Dutch beer brand believes that everyone, no matter when or where, should have a cool beer within reach. To make this possible, the brand launched the 'Cool Hotlines' and traversed across the Netherlands trading warm beers for cold Grolsch ones. After a call to the hotline, consumers could expect a visit from a small moped with a refrigerator sidecar that would deliver cold beer to wherever they were. All types of canned beers available in the Netherlands, excluding house and private brands, could be traded free of charge against a chilled can of Grolsch.

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Diesel cam

  • Diesel
  • Spain

Most people like to get a second opinion when trying on clothes in shops. This validation usually helps us tip from “maybe I’ll buy it” to “I’ve got to have it”. Diesel has come up with a away of giving shoppers that extra affirmation, without the need to drag your friends or partner around with you whenever you go shopping. The solution is Diesel Cam, an interactive installation in changing rooms in Diesel stores which allows shoppers to take photos of themselves trying on outfits and immediately edit and post them to Facebook to solicit advice about which looks work and which ones don’t.

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It's no picnic

  • Cadbury
  • Australia

Australian chocolate lovers create more than 200 adverts in speed-eating challenge

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  • Moët
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