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  • Marketers slow to embrace social media

    15/01/2010 Despite social media spend now expected to exceed £1.9billion by 2014, making it a bigger marketing channel than both email and mobile, an survey has found that UK marketers do not feel they need to embrace social media to develop their own career. Read more

  • Cream Insight Report: Brands to the rescue

    12/01/2010 As brands struggle to achieve cut through with an increasingly cynical consumer and gaping holes in public funds widen, opportunities arise for advertisers to come to the rescue and deliver services to the public. Cream looks at what kind of services brands are offering to people and how such acts of ‘enlightened self-interest’ can ultimately add to bottom line Read more

  • Regaining control of social media

    14/12/2009 GLOBAL - A new report out by UM Trendwatch is calling on the entertainment industry to re-evaluate the way it goes about marketing its releases, reclassify its traditional target demographics and look to leverage its primary asset – content. Read more

  • Companies need to improve management of innovation process

    16/11/2009 Innovation is a top priority for companies looking to grow in the wake of the economic downturn, but flaws in managing innovation may hinder their progress, according to three studies released by Accenture. Read more

  • 69% of youth research all purchases online

    04/11/2009 Over 2/3 young people research all purchases online first and claim that celebrity endorsements are less important in determining their brand choices. Read more

  • Illegal downloaders spend more on music

    03/11/2009 LONDON – People who are in the habit of downloading music illegally are among those who spend the most on buying recorded music, according to a new UK survey. Read more

  • C is for context

    02/11/2009 Brands have long been handing over creative control to their consumer with ‘create our ad’ or ‘name our flavour’ User-Generated Content competitions, but do they ever really add long term value to either brand or consumer? By Hugh Jordan Read more

  • Should we believe the children are our future?

    28/10/2009 Children are usually considered “the future” but it appears the older generations could hold the key to financial success. Read more

  • Clients more optimistic than agencies, study shows

    08/10/2009 Clients are starting to feel optimistic about their economies, according to a survey of CEOs of privately held agencies conducted by Worldwide Parnters Inc (WPI). Read more

  • Online adspend eclipses TV in UK

    30/09/2009 LONDON - Advertisers in the UK now spend more on the internet than they do on TV, according to figures from the Internet Advertising bureau (IAB) and accountancy firm, PricewaterhouseCooper. Read more

  • Consumers prefer online video ads

    21/09/2009 Consumers prefer online video ads to regular TV commercials, according to a study by Facit Digital Read more

  • Brands ignored on Twitter

    03/08/2009 Almost one third of brands on Twitter are completely ignored according to new research by social media and online PR specialist, Immediate Future. Read more

  • Anatomy of a Campaign: Orange Balloon Race

    01/07/2008 Just how did Orange persuade website owners to let its online balloon race fly through their digital air space? . Read more

  • Brand Experts: Xbox - Game on for Xbox

    30/04/2008 Microsoft is the first of the major brands to launch a third-generation console. How will media strategy help convince both hardcore gamers and mass audiences that this is the one to buy? Read more

  • Anatomy of a Campaign: Coke Bubbles

    01/04/2008 Coke launched the first commercial widget for peer-to-peer web TV service Joost in late 2007. Olivia Solon takes a look at Coke Bubbles. Read more

  • Cream Insight Report: Screen Time

    03/03/2008 How outdoor is changing as paper and paste is superseded by something with far more potential. Read more

  • Brand Experts: HP - Meet or Delete

    01/01/2007 Hewlett-Packard's marketing defies tech conventions. Cream reveals the thinking behind the decision to behave like a cool, youth-focused brand Read more

  • Brand Experts: Shell - Creating a debate

    01/07/2005 Two years ago Shell needed serious help to restore trust with governments, analysts, consumers and potential employees. The solution was not slick PR but a barrage of content deals. Alex Benady examines how the issue was addressed Read more

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Last Thursday, newspaper USA Today ran a promotion that allowed readers to experience a Harry Potter World augmented reality map. Being one of the few AR campaigns to use traditional broadcast media as the main driver I thought it was...

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I urge any of you with traditional roles in large media and marketing companies to rub up against a few students now and then

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Swedish magazine T-Post is so edgy that it doesn't bother being constrained by print conventions. No, T-Post is distributed as a T-shirt. It has released an issue where the t-shirt itself becomes a rock, paper, scissors game to play against....

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