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Cream is a new online service for media and marketing professionals that indexes and analyses best practice examples of brand communications from around the world. Only Cream offers inspiration and insight through daily news, analysis, monthly reports and over 3,000 case studies of leading marcomms innovation.


Judge for Yourself training

Judge For Yourself is a self-contained, case study-based training game that is designed to expose up to 100 players at a time to best practice media communications thinking, encourage team bonding and help to identify strengths and weaknesses in your marketing teams.  It is a fun and educational environment in which to inspire your team with Award winning thinking, and encourage the sharing and re-application of great ideas.

Based on the entries to the Festival of Media Awards, Judge For Yourself asks its players to step into the shoes of the judges and go through the two-tier selection process used to decide which of the 72 case studies are worthy of being lauded as winners.

The game can be used either as a stand alone training pack, or as part of a facilitated training day and played over the course of a day, or a few hours.  It can be used any number of times, but new updates of the game are available annually.

Brands featured in Judge For Yourself 2010 include: Amazon, ASICS, Axe, Becel, Coca-Cola, Doritos, EDF, Emirates, First Direct, GSK, Guinness, HBO, Hellmann's, Impulse, Intel, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Kenzo, LEGO, Lux, Mars, Microsoft, Nike, Nissan, Pedigree, Pepsi, Pringles, Reebok, Reese's, Rimmel, SEAT, Tata, TIM, T-Mobile, Trident and many more....


If you are interested in purchasing Judge For Yourself to improve your innovation and creativity, or would like to discuss using Judge For Yourself as part of a pre-arranged event for your company, please contact:  or call +44 (0) 20 7367 6990

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