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Why fish fingers are made of fish

What do you do when the key attributes of your product are, shall we say, less than palatable but you still need to launch a marketing campaign? The answer, try out a bit of reverse-existentialist marketing! Hot into our inbox...

Cream Editorial

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Cream Daily--Mobile devices to take over PCs

Mobile and tablet devices will account for nearly 50% of internet access in 12 months time. Have you seen our mobile report yet? Also, you might want to check out Neutrogena's first-ever photo-mob via the Instagram app. See full case...

Cream Editorial

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Government teaches brands a lesson

What a strange week in the world of digital media. BBM has gone from cheap group messaging service to the rioter’s organising tool of choice. Two men have been jailed for inciting people to riot using Facebook. Some politicians are...

Craig Elder

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