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Digital News

  • Content Vs context in the pre-Christmas fragrance wars

    07/09/2010 REVIEW - As the big fragrance brands unveil their campaigns for their big Christmas scents, Cream compares the effectiveness of two offerings from Dior and Chanel. Read more

  • Clothing brands and marketing fashions

    31/08/2010 OPINION - Grant Hunter from iris discusses the role of digital marketing in the fashion industry, and examines the sector's reluctance to embrace new marketing ideas Read more

  • Digital prose and the brand conversation

    26/08/2010 OPINION - Alicia Navarro, CEO and co-founder of Skimlinks discusses why blogging and Twitter represent a golden branding opportunity Read more

  • Spotify US launch in retreat

    30/07/2010 US – Music streaming service Spotify has been hit with more delays as it attempts to enter the US market. Read more

  • INTERVIEW with Jimmy Wales

    28/07/2010 THE INTERVIEW - Cream speaks with Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia about his approach to innovation. Read more

  • Apple to delay release of white iPhone 4

    26/07/2010 GLOBAL – Manufacturing “challenges” continue to plague Apple. Read more

  • Flipboard demand overwhelms developers

    26/07/2010 GLOBAL – Digital magazine app developers fail to cope with initial demand for social media magazine app. Read more

  • Samsung smartphones are “worthy rival” to iPhone

    26/07/2010 US – Samsung’s latest Galaxy S series receive positive reviews and favourable comparisons to the iPhone. Read more

  • MySpace UK audience tumbles as Facebook hits new milestone.

    23/07/2010 UK - Data from ComScore shows that MySpace's UK audience fell 49% during the last year. Read more

  • Virtual currency plans for social network

    20/07/2010 GLOBAL – Facebook is to launch its own virtual currency this September. Read more

  • Reckitt Benckiser to use social gaming in graduate recruitment drive

    16/07/2010 UK - Reckitt Benckiser is to use Facebook in its new recruitment drive for graduates and early career sales and marketing professionals using an app called “poweRBrands”. Read more

  • Starbucks achieves new record on Facebook

    15/07/2010 GLOBAL - Starbucks has become the first brand on Facebook to collect a fan base of 10 million. This growth comes on the heels of Lady Gaga becoming the first person to gather the same number of fans. Read more

  • Unilever renews Time Warner tie-up

    15/07/2010 GLOBAL - Unilever has extended its deal with Time Warner for product promotion across multiple global platforms. Read more

  • Twitter launches earlybird deals

    15/07/2010 GLOBAL - Twitter has announced the launch of the @earlybird account, providing followers with exclusive deals in entertainment, fashion, technology, beauty, travel etc. Read more

  • Increased internet use widens China’s doors for global businesses

    15/07/2010 OPINION - In light of the recent internet white paper Chinese issued by the Chinese government, the country's largest advertising and branded content agency outlines the role of social media as brands try to navigate this unique market. Read more

  • Festival of Media launches in Latin America

    14/07/2010 LATAM - The Festival of Media, the world's premier event for advertisers, media strategists, technologists and media vendors is launching the Festival of Media LatAm – a regional event dedicated to the media issues and needs of one of the world’s most vibrant and fast-growing advertising regions. Read more

  • Social media continues to rise

    14/07/2010 GLOBAL - Rapid online growth in Asia Pacific means that now three-quarters of the world’s population are accessing social media websites, according to Nielsen. Read more

  • Gay and Lesbian adults “heaviest” social network users

    14/07/2010 US - An online survey conducted by Harris Interactive suggests that the majority of gay and lesbian adults are reading online blogs. Read more

  • Google wins landmark European Adwords case

    13/07/2010 EUROPE - The European Court of Justice has ruled in favour of Google in a dispute over European trademark law. Read more

  • Domino's credits social media for sales growth

    12/07/2010 UK - Domino's Pizza has reported a 29% surge in pre-tax profits to £17.5m, buoyed by a strong social media strategy. Read more

  • Google opens up Android development

    12/07/2010 GLOBAL - Google has launched a new tool today that enables anyone to create an app for Android phones. Read more

  • TripAdvisor launches travel creative challenge

    08/07/2010 GLOBAL - In an effort to show the effectiveness of display advertising, TripAdvisor is challenging travel brands and advertising agencies to create an ad campaign which will run on the travel website. Read more

  • YouTube aims to capture 'Life in a Day’

    08/07/2010 GLOBAL - LG Electronics is partnering with YouTube for the launch of the ‘Life in a Day’ global experiment. Read more

  • Yahoo! launches search-led blog

    07/07/2010 GLOBAL - Yahoo! is set to launch a news blog which will cover news based on the search data that is collects every day from its users. Read more

  • Paramount launches virtual cinema in new social media drive.

    05/07/2010 GERMANY - Bigmouthmedia develops a virtual cinema for Paramount in Germany. Read more

  • HBO steps up UK presence

    01/07/2010 UK – HBO, the US TV network has launched a UK website to promote some of its most popular shows including The Wire, The Sopranos, True Blood and Curb Your Enthusiasm. Read more

  • Hulu introduces Plus service

    30/06/2010 USA - After weeks of speculation that it is going to tweak is business model, Hulu has introduced Hulu Plus, a subscription and ad supported service. Read more

  • Innovations in digital media can reshape politics

    29/06/2010 UK - Innovations in digital media and young people’s growing engagement with issues such as climate change represent an opportunity to reshape politics, Lord Puttnam will tell a specially invited audience of school pupils in the House of Lords today. Read more

  • Broadcasters struggle to deliver top World Cup web experiences

    29/06/2010 UK – Survey results reveal that commercial broadcasters have failed to deliver effective online World Cup experiences. Read more

  • iPhone changing consumer behaviour

    25/06/2010 EUROPE - The iPhone has fundamentally changed mobile user behaviour in Europe despite its low penetration rate, according to new Comscore findings. Read more

  • Happiness Brussels wins Design Grand Prix

    24/06/2010 GLOBAL - Happiness Brussels has won the Design Grand Prix at the Cannes Lions Festival for Toyota’s IQ Font campaign. Read more

  • Burberry unveils global digital campaign

    24/06/2010 GLOBAL - Burberry has developed an interactive advertising campaign that allows users to select and control the view and perspective of the campaign, cast and products. Read more

  • The iPhone 4 goes on sale

    24/06/2010 GLOBAL - Hundreds of people are lining up outside Apple stores around the world to buy the iPhone 4, which launched today. Read more

  • Two-thirds of SMEs fail to use search marketing

    23/06/2010 UK - Some 64% of SMEs build a company website but fail to promote its existence to potential customers, according to a study by digital agency Forward3D. Read more

  • Yahoo steps up Facebook integration

    21/06/2010 GLOBAL – To step up its social strategy, Yahoo! has launched a service that integrates the social activities and content on the Yahoo! portal with Facebook globally. Read more

  • iPhone ad platform gets $60m in advance bookings

    17/06/2010 US - Apple’s iPhone 4 will be the first smartphone to run the company's iAd mobile ad network, with 17 advertisers already lined up to target mobile app users. Read more

  • Twitter gets more local

    16/06/2010 Twitter is launching a new location function with the introduction of Twitter Places. Read more

  • Shopping centre targets London’s creative hub

    16/06/2010 UK – The UK’s first creative cloud agency Guided Collective is launching a digital campaign using Foursquare to promote the opening of the Westfield Stratford City shopping centre to East London’s creative communi Read more

  • Wave of Xbox innovations announced

    15/06/2010 GLOBAL – Microsoft has unveiled details of its controller free Kinect gaming device for Xbox 360, formerly known as Project Natal, at this week’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles. Read more

  • Spotify launches digital TV app

    15/06/2010 SWEDEN - Spotify, the online music streaming service, has launched its music service on TV in Finland and its home country of Sweden this week. Read more

  • iPad email customers in security breach

    14/06/2010 US - AT&T has apologised to customers for a recent security breach which resulted in the exposure of 114,000 iPad 3G customer e-mails. Read more

  • Facebook launches improved analytics tool

    10/06/2010 GLOBAL – A new improved analytics tool from Facebook has been made available to help websites gain insight into how users interact with Facebook-related content. Read more

  • China to increase internet access for population, with restrictions.

    09/06/2010 CHINA – A recent whitepaper published by the Chinese Government titled “China’s Internet Situation” has outlined plans to take 45% of the country online within the next five years. Read more

  • Visa to launch innovative anti-fraud payment system.

    09/06/2010 EUROPE – Following on from a number of consumer pilots and rigorous testing with European banks, Visa CodeSure is ready for commercial launch. Read more

  • Steve Jobs to unveil latest version of iPhone

    07/06/2010 US – Apple CEO to demonstrate latest version of the iPhone at today’s Worldwide Developer Conference Read more

  • Yahoo social network makes privacy top priority

    07/06/2010 Global – Latest version of Yahoo Updates is to be made available to its 280m email users. Read more

  • invites users to star in UK campaign

    04/06/2010 UK – Online marketplace is inviting its users to audition their business for a starring role in its forthcoming UK ad campaign. Read more

  • Agency creates user-generated book

    03/06/2010 UK - A ‘user-generated book’ of festival tweets, status updates and photos submitted by music festival goers this summer is being produced by independent marketing agency, Independents United. Read more

  • Panasonic launches 3D innovation centre

    03/06/2010 JAPAN - Panasonic Corporation has announced the launch of a Panasonic 3D Innovation Centre in Japan to accelerate the development of its 3D business. Read more

  • Pringles is the most popular FMCG brand on Facebook

    02/06/2010 GLOBAL - Pringles has topped Cream's Facebook Advocacy Index for FMCG brands, with a net fan population of 4,618,675 and a weighted population of 5,800,300. Read more

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