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  • Kinetic launches Moving World research

    90% of future population growth will take place in urban areas, according to the latest research from out-of-home agency Kinetic.  

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  • Regaining control of social media

    GLOBAL - A new report out by UM Trendwatch is calling on the entertainment industry to re-evaluate the way it goes about marketing its releases, reclassify its traditional target demographics and look to leverage its primary asset – content.  

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  • JCDecaux

    Interactive bus shelter

    • LG
    • UK
    • 2009

    LG uses bus stop billboards to demonstrate its new handset’s assets.

    Rated Rated 19460 stars stars
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  • Clear Channel

    Hurriyet Real Estate Supplement

    • Emlak
    • Turkey
    • 2005

    With the arrival of mortgage finance in Turkey, Emlak wanted to be the first to provide a newspaper Real Estate supplement for the growing number of would be property investors.

    Rated Rated 16514 stars stars
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  • Facebook

    Targeting sad Facebook friends

    • Yellow
    • Israel
    • 2009

    Convenience store attempts to spread a little happiness with Facebook and free products

    Rated Rated 19746 stars stars
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  • MTV


    • Dell
    • 2009

    Dell aims to get the whole world singing from the same song-sheet

    Rated Rated 18898 stars stars
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  • Google

    Bourne takes to the streets

    • Bourne Ultimatum
    • UK
    • 2007

    Universal Pictures promotes the Bourne Ultimatum with a game that sees players become assassins armed with water pistols.

    Rated Rated 15927 stars stars
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  • Magabon
  • Japan
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Transmedia Storytelling has been a topic that for the last two years started to leave the trendy blogs and academic discussions and get into CMOs plans and big brands long term goals. Through a series of examples from all over...

Mauricio Mota

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Post chat analysis

Do you ever come away from a night out with a friend and feel that they just talked at you for a few hours with little regard for what you had to say? Well there's an app for that. At...

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Russian doll burger box

McDonald's sends a welcome message to the Russian team during the Olympic Games in Vancouver. The brand mimicked the matyroshka (traditional Russian dolls) with a series of different sized Big Mac boxes. Inside the smallest one was a coupon for...

Olivia Solon

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