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  • World Cup 1999

    • Guinness
    • UK

    Guinness takes ownership of the 1999 Rugby World Cup in order to attract new users and to sustain...

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  • To Brazil with John & Visa

    • Visa
    • Mexico

    Visa builds a character who doesn’t really like soccer to giveaway a once-in-a-lifetime ticket to...

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  • Brand message in a bubble

    • Dr. Pepper
    • USA

    Dr Pepper mixes reality TV with music when it puts an emerging band in a "bubble" for three weeks...

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  • Levi's gives grassroots publishers online platform

    Antidote is the clothing brand's link up with cool grass roots publishers from across Europe.

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  • Aygo. Go Fun Yourself

    • Toyota
    • Denmark

    Toyota Aygo connects with popular culture by partnering with new and different media influencers.

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  • Hardchorus

    • Puma
    • Finland

    Puma harnesses the love that fans have for the beautiful game by getting them to sing on Valentin...

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  • McWrap Launch

    • McDonald's
    • Puerto Rico

    McDonald’s brings its McWrap to life via an innovative print campaign with Metro Puerto Rico.

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  • The force is in the bus shelter

    • Star Wars
    • UK

    Darth Vader turns to sound and motion to get punters into the cinemas to see his final movie. Spe...

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Stuck for ideas? Use our automated inspiration tool.

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  • Blackberry
  • UK
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