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Musical Chairs

  • Trident Mass game of musical chairs
  • Trident One of the chairs placed around London
  • Trident Westfield Shopping Centre awaits the start of the games
  • Trident Trident's campaign to promote its Beyonce concert


To advertise its exclusive Beyonce concert at the O2 Arena in November, chewing gum brand Trident wanted an innovative way of getting everyone in the mood to get up and dance. Its solution: a mass game of musical chairs.

The event was part of Trident's Unwrapped campaign, which has been building up to the one-off concert all year. Unwrapped kicked off with Piccadilly Circus brought to a standstill by 100 girls doing a synchronised dance to the Beyonce Tune, 'Single ladies'. The flashmob event ended up going viral on social networking sites, something Trident aimed to replicate with its latest stunt.

To select players for its game, the chewing gum manufacturer left white plastic chairs dotted about in iconic London landmarks such as Oxford Circus. Those inquisitive enough to investigate found an invite to bring themselves, and their chairs, to Westfield shopping centre. Once there, the fun began. Beyonce tunes were played over the speaker system, and bemused shoppers looked on from the galleries above as chairs gradually 'disappeared' and players found themselves out of the game. Eventually, only one chair remained and the lucky winner received a VIP box at the O2 concert for her and 14 friends.

Hundreds of people took part in the day and many more watched from the sidelines, creating a buzz around the Trident brand and its upcoming concert. In total, Trident is giving away 17,000 priority tickets to its gig through a variety of promotional events and on-pack competitions. One fan will also be offered the chance to meet Beyonce in person.



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Brand Owner:
Cadbury Schweppes
United Kingdom
August - August 2009
Pretty Green
Media Channel:
Ambient,Branded Content,Experiential,Events,Integrated,Online,Out-of-Home,PR,Sponsorship

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