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Cream is a new online service for media and marketing professionals that indexes and analyses best practice examples of brand communications from around the world. Only Cream offers inspiration and insight through daily news, analysis, monthly reports and over 3,000 case studies of leading marcomms innovation.


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Ford makes its small cars young and funky with a series of webisodes.

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Who needs innovation?

Maybe it’s something in the air, or the water, but there are some very risqué trends in marketing at the moment. Yes, I know that “sex sells”, but surely there has to be some virtue in for subtlety as well?...

Cream Editorial

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In-banner gaming: Spotify boy racers?

If we think of Spotify as “interactive radio”, it makes sense that the ads should be interactive as well. The Spotify music streaming platform has hosted some brilliant campaign ideas of late, and this recent work from Mazda adds to...

Cream Editorial

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Media consumption in pretty colours (Infographic)

Sometimes you come across an infographic that is both useful and beautiful to look at. This media consumption wheel from Hill Holiday is an excellent example. Different segments of the wheel represent different media channels and environments in which we...

Cream Editorial

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Use gaming as a marketing platform

Cream looks at how brands can successfully use gaming to engage with and entertain consumers

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