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Social Saturdays

  • The Saturdays
  • UK

Pop group The Saturdays’ get social with its fanbase.

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  • Campbell's Soup
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Fishy fashion

The fashion world often finds itself at loggerheads with environmental campaigners - don't mention the 'f' word! But Nanai Leather is definitely fashion of the more sustainable variety. The company takes its name from an Eastern Siberian people, and makes...

Hugh Jordan

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Nokia pilot ‘point & find’ posters

Colchester, South East England might not seem like the most likely location for a pilot of cutting edge mobile phone technology but being a pretty average UK town makes it a good place to test just how interested ordinary citizens...

James Davies

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Accident avenue gets a safety overhaul from

A street in Worcester has the highest rate of car insurance claims in the UK. So insurance comparison site wrapped it entirely in bubble wrap and re-named it accident avenue:

Olivia Solon

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Raise funds for charity

In the wake of the Haiti disaster, Cream looks at how different organisations have employed innovative techniques to raise funds.

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