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    The Festival of Media


    The Festival of Media is organised by Cream's publisher - C Squared Communications Ltd.

    Now in its fourth year, the Festival of Media is an established fixture in the global media communication and advertising calendar. It comprises a two day conference with leading industry speakers, an exhibition of new media opportunities, a global awards ceremony showcasing the best creative media thinking and unrivalled networking opportunities.  Attending the Festival provides an essential opportunity to focus on the radical changes taking place in the communications business.

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    Cream and The Festival of Media


    The Festival of Media Awards were launched in response to the beginning of a new advertising era and shaped in consultation with the industry.  They showcase creative and effective use of media, as well as media owner innovation.

    All the shortlisted and winning case studies from the Festival of Media Awards are exclusively available to Cream subscribers via the case study library, providing access to the very best in media thinking and communications strategy from around the world as selected by one of the most unique juries in international advertising.

    In addition, subscribers can benefit from virtual attendance to the Festival, via videos and presentations from the speakers - available in 2010.

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