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Max effect toilet

  • Georgia Max Coffee Toilet wrapped to look like half-pipe
  • Georgia Max Coffee Toilet wrapped to look like half-pipe
  • Georgia Max Coffee
  • Georgia Max Coffee

Georgia Max Coffee is a high sugar caffeine drink, enjoyed by the Japanese youth market, and enjoys a particular affinity with those in the extreme sports scene.

The world of extreme sports is built around "the rush". Adrenaline junkies travel the globe in search of the next big thrill as they throw themselves out of planes, down ski slopes and off bridges.

For skiers and snowboarders enjoying the winter sports season in Japan, Max Coffee was able to bring those adrenaline rushes to the "smallest room", by decorating toilet cubicles across the country's ski-resorts to resemble a snow-board half pipe. The campaign is an extension of the previous year's successful "ski-jump" toilets.

In keeping with the daredevil attitude of the brand and its consumers, a man in a Max Coffee branded ski suit was painted clutching onto the side of the resort's ski-lift cars.

By providing the "Max experience" in the unlikeliest of places, the brand created a series of fun photo opportunities ideally suited to social networking sites and personal blogs. Fan photo-sharing spread the brand message, and achieved significant media coverage with minimal ad spend.

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Georgia Max Coffee
Brand Owner:
The Coca-Cola company
Drinks (non-alcoholic)
November 2009 - March 2010
Media Channel:

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