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Tide's Stain Brain

  • Tide
  • USA

Tide develops an app to help beat stains.

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  • Dell
  • UK
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Lexus markets its hybrid models

Lexus has launched a campaign that co-promotes its 4 different hybrid models. The campaign is nice to look at, but I am pretty sure it's CGI, unlike the Honda Let it Shine ad:

Olivia Solon

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Transmedia Storytelling concepts and practices since 3000 B.C.

Transmedia Storytelling has been a topic that for the last two years started to leave the trendy blogs and academic discussions and get into CMOs plans and big brands long term goals. Through a series of examples from all over...

Mauricio Mota

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Post chat analysis

Do you ever come away from a night out with a friend and feel that they just talked at you for a few hours with little regard for what you had to say? Well there's an app for that. At...

Olivia Solon

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