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Using search to drive physical sales

  • Cabela's
  • USA

Outdoor clothing company Cabela uses a search strategy that centres around a national holiday to drive footfall to stores

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  • Toyota iQ
  • Germany
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The news: A company photo published on Microsoft’s website recently caused a scandal after it appears that the company had followed inappropriate cultural advice. On the company’s US website the photograph depicts a scene of an Asian man, black man...

Elliot Polak

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Emirates turns cinema into a plane

The point is that the inflight entertainment system on Emirates flights (ICE, which stands for Information, Communication, Entertainment) is a bit like being in a cinema. The reality is that it is similar, but with about a quarter of the...

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Hmm. This ad supposedly promotes Holland Casino. The message seems to be that despite a horrifically gritty experience that sees you meet all sorts of shady, drug-addled characters and culminates in bed with a toothless geriatric, you will be happy...

Olivia Solon

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