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Her family’s health has always been on the top of the housewife’s mind. That will never change. What has changed, is the realisation that eating healthy though important is not the only thing. The environment and lifestyle her family is used to, also have a key role to play. Artificiality fills our lives. This is especially true as kids are mostly playing indoors and are in their virtual worlds. Mothers find this concerning but don’t have a solution…

Thus “Kissanpur” was born. Kissanpur is the Kissan Tomato Ketchup’s brand philosophy. A way of giving kids a chance to experience nature in their own homes. A chance to bring nature closer so that they imbibe “100% REAL experiences”.

The intention is to turn children into little farmers, who can grow their own tomatoes and witness some of the magic that Mother Nature has to offer.

How to drive this thought, this change was the challenge. Mindshare had to find ways and means of getting consumers to be part of 100% REAL experiences.


A very interesting thing they agency observed is that parents, in an effort to keep the child engaged, allowed them to spend time in front of screens, be it television or mobile phones/tablets. Indoor games and visits to friends’ homes was encouraged. Outdoors trips were limited to malls, cinema or the restaurants.

While the location changed, the experiences largely remained indoor. Genuine outdoor experiences were limited to holidays or short weekend trips out of town.

It found that she is guilt trapped and stressed out because she is unable to create experiences of nature which require intense and uninterrupted time commitment. The typical urban mum is severely time poor. The agency’s insight was to provide these ‘natural/real’ experience in bite sizes. Something she could conveniently use with small time investment every day.

Mindshare’s strategy was to make natural, real experiences more accessible. Something she could conveniently do with small time investment every day. And at a pace that busy parents can handle and children can enjoy. It brought “nature or the experience of nature” indoors.


The campaign was designed in four phases. Each phase gave the consumer an even grander experience of nature.

Seeding: First, a short film showcasing the joy of experiencing nature seeded the idea on digital platforms. Urban parents appreciated Kissan’s clarion call and set social media abuzz.

Nurturing: The campaign was nurtured further by giving away tomato seeds through a unique seed-embedded newspaper advertisement. All they had to do was to directly plant the newspaper advertisement in a pot at home. It would grow into a tomato plant with little tomato fruits in 12-14 weeks.

Fruition: The campaign culminated with the installation of a 20,000 square foot of real tomato farm in select multiplexes. An interactive installation where children could learn about nature, experience real tomato plants, do pottery or paint, play on the grass and plant their own saplings.

Reaping: Digital fuelled their excitement as consumers shared their experiences and Kissan cheered them on social media inspiring more journeys of bringing nature closer to home.


The campaign touched 5.9 million consumers in the mega cities of India and inspired many others to experience nature in their homes.

More than 200,000 parents and children experienced the real tomato farm installation resulting in over 33,000 hours (or over 46 months) of brand interaction.

• Growth of 21.4% while the market grew at 8% gaining leadership position. (Source: Nielsen Retail Panel)
• Brand scores on “made from sun ripened real tomatoes” rose by 1600 basis points (Source: Millward Brown)
• Differentiation endorsements on “offer something more than others” increased by 700 basis points (Source: Millward Brown)
• Key attribute of “Kissan Ketchup is made from quality ingredients” increased by 300 basis points (Source: Millward Brown).

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Brand Owner:
Hindustan Unilever
September - October 2014
Media Channel:
  • FMAs winner
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