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Carefree wanted to reach out to women in Saudi Arabia and talk to them about feminine moisture and how Carefree can help keep them clean and dry. Brand research indicated that 86% of women in the market knew about Carefree panty liners, but less than half of them were actually using the product. Conversion rates from trial to usage were high, but trial in itself was a challenge for such a high involvement category. It needed to find a way to talk to women on a one-on-one basis and convince them about the benefits of Carefree. But how do you open a dialogue with women in an extremely conservative market about something as personal and intimate as feminine hygiene?

It’s socially awkward and a topic considered taboo by many. But to make matters worse, it’s difficult to reach her while she’s alone. Women in Saudi Arabia, not being allowed to work or drive, are almost always accompanied by a male family member when leaving the house. When on shopping trips with her husband, she is not wanting to rush through the femme care aisle, not wanting to be seen reviewing product information. Not to mention, she doesn’t feel comfortable making inquiries at the store, because almost all staff are male. All these factors make an already embarrassing conversation mission impossible!


Saudi women go to great lengths to stay fresh and clean for two primary reasons: Preparation for daily prayers – Religious women pray five or more times a day. Even the slightest hint of wetness or odour renders the need to cleanse beforehand and Marital intimacy – Married women spend a fortune on sexy lingerie for everyday usage to stay alluring for their husbands. They will do anything to rid themselves of odor caused by feminine moisture, resorting to extreme measures such as salt water washes, douches, even regular body deodorants and fairness creams to feel fresh and desirable.

Initative - MENA's research indicated that when Saudi women experience feminine moisture while out and about, no matter how slight, they often return home to cleanse themselves. Before doing so, they dispose of their panties in the stalls of women’s washrooms and change into a fresh pair carried in their handbags.

Although disposing of their panties answers a short-term need, it comes to them at a high cost. This was the moment of truth! Carefree decided to reach out to Saudi women at that moment when they were ridding themselves of their underwear and let them know disposal was no longer necessary with the daily usage of Carefree. The strategy could also let them know they could invest in higher grade lingerie without the risk of ruining it, thereby spicing up their married life. They needed to do this on a one-to-one basis.


Carefree boldly went where no brand had gone before to talk to women in Saudi Arabia about their feminine hygiene. Mall Washrooms – Saudi Arabia is largely a mall culture due to the lack of any other public venue to interact and socialise. Inititative knew malls were one of the few places where they could reach Saudi women, and washrooms are where she’d be most receptive. So the brand took over women’s washrooms in major shopping malls and completely branded them with Carefree messaging on mirrors, walls and both sides of stall doors. It also set up Carefree booths inside the washrooms with live promoters to provide product information and free samples.

Lingerie Stores – Knowing Saudi women spend a lot of time and money buying lingerie, it was the ideal place to intercept them and let them know how Carefree can help protect their expensive purchases. Until very recently, lingerie was sold only by male sales attendants, making lingerie purchases awkward for many Saudi women. However, recent legislation made it possible for the stores to hire female-only staff, and Carefree jumped at the chance to reach women at the point of her most relevant purchase. Inititative teamed up with high-end lingerie brand PurDu where they covered the stores with Carefree messaging in changing rooms, on lingerie hangers, and at check-out counters. Female promoters were on hand to explain Carefree’s benefits and pass out samples.


Carefree managed to cleverly reach out to women that were previously impossible to even approach, let alone educate about a much needed product. And the payoff was evident: - Sales in Saudi Arabia increased 24% vs. the same period last year - Nearly 40% of women approached, tried the product instantly - The sampling conversion rate resulted in 26%.

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Saudi Arabia
February - March 2013
Initiative - MENA
Media Channel:
Direct Marketing,Retail/POS
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