Ski jumping at bus stops

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  • Samsung Interactive bus shelter allows for ski jump experience

Olympic sponsor Samsung wanted to promote its latest phone (Omnia Qwerty) and bring the spirit of the winter Games to the streets of Amsterdam as part of its 'Experience the Olympics wherever you are' campaign.

Samsung teamed up with JCDecaux to create an interactive outdoor campaign using bus shelters fitted with a touchscreen. The screen mimicked the display of the phone handset and had two webcams.

Passers-by could fully immerse themselves into the Olympic ski jumping experience by positioning their feet on the pair of replica skis placed on the floor of the shelter and having their facial expressions captured by the webcams. A clip of the ski jumping was played, including the sound of a roaring crowd, and participants' faces were digitally attached to the skier in the movie, thus creating a unique personal experience for each passer-by.

A wireless internet connection ensured that the resulting clip was instantly available for download via a link sent to the passer-by's previously entered email address. This allowed them to share their clip with their friends.

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