The 2 Euro T-Shirt – A social experiment


Fashion Revolution is an organisation fighting for better working conditions for those working in sweatshops. Fashion Revolution started in response to the Rana Plaza collapsing on April 24, 2013, which killed over 1,100 people. There are millions of people enslaved in sweatshops and the problem is perpetuated by the fast fashion demand of the western world. People are aware of this problem, yet it evades their conscience at the time of purchase. So Fashion Revolution wanted to see if people would still buy a T-shirt if they were confronted with how it was produced.


The target audience is deeply immersed in fast fashion and the culture surrounding it. Fashion Revolution wanted to remind everyone of their purchasing power. The idea with this campaign was to reach the audience at the point of sale and online where they are absorbed in consumerism. Agency BBDO provided the client a platform where they could spark vital discussions regarding sweatshops. 


Fashion Revolution wanted to see if people would still buy a T-shirt if they knew how it was made. The agency developed a vending machine, filled with T-shirts, but instead of receiving the T-shirt they are shown a video connecting them to who made it and the conditions under which it was made. They were then given the option to buy, donate or cancel. The agency would create a video documenting the results and use it to spark an online discussion.

Check out the campaign video here:


90% of people changed their minds and decided to donate.

After 7 days:

- 3+ million views on YouTube
- #1 in the global ads chart
- 25 million social media impressions
- The film reached over 200 countries
- Worldwide press coverage with over 50 million media impressions
- The film was Broadcasted on Germany's largest news networks
- 50% of all social media and news posts where shared further.

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Fashion Revolution (NGO)
Government/Public Sector
April - May 2015
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