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Your first car is important because it gives you freedom to go wherever you want, whenever you want and with whoever you want, no longer dependent on your parents, siblings, friends, etc. for transport. The downside is that your parents are generally those who buy and make a decision, so you have to convince them. A friend, as a facilitator, should help to convince them.

The communication task was that Ford Ikon became the friend who helps you achieve what you want one of these things is to convince your parents to buy you your first car and the ideal is an Ikon.

A resource widely used by young people to persuade their parents anything used as a basis; emotional blackmail (a dirty trick, but as we all know is very effective).


For Ford Ikon to become the target ally, it should create a platform that will be useful to convince his father to buy him his first car, a Ford Ikon.

Based on how brands use online media to attract prospects to their websites and how they complement the offline media campaign to impact them in different places, the idea of giving the necessary tools to target him to perform, this campaign required personalised advertising aimed specifically at his dad.

Through a microsite, the agency created a custom web banner with his name and his dad and relevant product information, to appear on websites his dad visits through the use of cookies for retargeting. These web banners headed to the site of Ford Ikon. It also had the ability to post their campaign in an external medium (digital fence) in a place where his dad should transit frequently so it was a transmedia campaign, all it focused on convincing his father.


The campaign focused on generating engagement both between the brand and the young, and between the boy and his dad, and performed with the following steps:

The first step consisted of a web banner that was prescribed throughout the campaign sites related to young people and invited them to do their own personal campaign to convince their parents to buy a Ford Ikon. The web banner directed them to a microsite. On the microsite featured a video explaining how to campaign, to finish the video, every young person could start to develop it.

In the second step he could create two types of web banner: an emotional one to remind him how much he loved his dad and the other to show why Ikon was the best option.

Finally, the young man sent an email to his father inviting him to click to deliver a message. With this click the custom web banner campaign created by the young was activated.

For the web banners appearing on the pages visited by dad, retargeting cookies were used. This meant, the web banners created by the son could follow his father while surfing the internet.

The personalised digital campaign complemented and strengthened the external environment (digital billboards) created by the young, which were put in place based on where dad visits regularly.


According to reports sales of October and November 2014 from the Mexican Automotive Industry Association (AMIA), sales of Ford Ikon in this period were 1759 units, 23.4% more than in the same period of 2013 and 8.4% more the objective.

According to results from Google Analytics, there were 2,134 holdings by young people (microsite).

According to the report SICOP results, test drives in October and November 2014 were 213; 137% more than in 2013 and 37% higher than target (CRM Dealers Ford).

According to the report of results of Omniture, Ford Ikon quotes through the site in October and November 2014 increased by 16.6% over the same period in 2013. 1.6% more than the target (Ford Website).

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