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In the cookware and small domestic appliance category, competitors all differentiate themselves via technology and innovation claims.

The target audience, urban Thai Women, is seeking something or someone that will make their life easier – particularly in the home where they dream of a personal maid. They love to spend their free time online; chatting, socialising, shopping, and finding friends - with emotional content attracting them most to engage in social.

Tefal decided to tap into this desire and communicate with them differently. 


The idea centred on a way to ensure Thai women would remember and engage with the range – linking Tefal products to something all Thai women are interested in – attractive men.

Six French men were selected to represent each of the six Tefal products, blending the product’s benefit and personality with the characteristics of the man.

This resulted in The Soulmate Campaign, which humanised Tefal in the online environment and made it more than just a domestic appliance brand.


Each month a different ‘soulmaid’ would own Tefal’s Facebook page, using enticing visuals to educate women about Tefal’s product and engaging them more and more with the brand.

The campaign kicked off with an online mini-series – viewed and liked by thousands of women – to get the target audience talking.

During the campaign other engaging aspects were revealed including a bespoke video showing one of the men juggling Tefal’s products and the Soulcard Facebook application that enabled women to spread the love of the six French soulmates with friends.

Creating excitement: 15 sec. pre-roll as teaser to drive target via Facebook Page.

Driving engagement to the brand through owned media:
1. Facebook content to link with irresistible visual of TEFAL with French gentlemen and build on with activities/ games/ content from series.
2. Launch “The Soulmate” series on YouTube+Facebook - an online short romantic comedy consisting three episodes about love story between a French gentlemen symbolising Tefal and an ordinary Thai girl using Tefal products.
3. The Soulcard App: The app allowed consumers to select a soulmate and a wish which they could send out to their friends via Facebook and Instagram.
4. WOW Clip: A VDO clip that show the special talent of the Soulmate with product benefits.


In just three months Tefal went from being relatively unknown in the Thai market to becoming the number two brand in domestic appliances.

Facebook fans grew from just 30,000 to over 700,000 – and ranked as the number one page with most fan engagement with a 500% increase in page participation.
- 40% of viewed fans liked the VDO and gave positive feedback
- 50% time spent on the VDO (10% higher than average)

From last to 1st in term of fans compare to competitors (338% more fans than Phillips, 2nd)

Not only had Tefal become a known brand in the market, it had also become one of the most engaged brand – firmly placing Tefal on the shopping list of all Thai women.

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February - August 2014
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