Glorias del Deporte; Futbol Escuela de Vida


In Mexico there are 36 million teenagers, out of whom 84% of them live in a risk situation, which implies violence and a lack of development opportunities. This leads them to drop school, drug use and gangs affiliation.

In 2013, SEGOB came up with a pilot programme that focused on crime prevention among teenagers; this would be done with a life re-integration plan driven by sports. 

The aim of the campaign “Glorias del Deporte, Futbol Escuela de Vida”, was to create awareness among Mexico´s society of the situation in which most of the Mexican youngsters live and demonstrate how through sports, motivation and the proper guidance given by professionals, they would able to reconsider going back to school and draw a life plan based on values.


The communication strategy that Capital MX decided to follow was based on mass media (TV, radio, printed, and digital), this allowed it to communicate the main objectives of the project to the target market. The goal was to make Mexican population aware that there is a new programme focused on helping and motivating teenagers who live in different risk situations that brings them the possibility of dreaming with a better future and reconsider education within their life plan.


The activities that took place in the academies were recorded and put together in a 50 minute documentary. These activities were summarised in 13 clips that talk about the 21 academies hosted by Glorias del Deporte nationwide in 2013. These videos show the situation in which teenagers live, their experience as part of the program and the positive impact of Glorias del Deporte in their lives and their communities.

The clips were shared via social media; Twitter and Fecebook and were posted on YouTube through «Nos Mueve la Paz» channel, making the communications viral on these platforms and attracting the attention of the population all over the country. All the efforts and progress of the project were shared with media nationwide and managed to penetrate the US market with publications in the international media.


Thanks to the media involvement and the excellent results shown in transforming teenagers’ lives, the programme ceased to be a pilot project, to become one of the best crime prevention practices that the Mexican Government has made available for youth.

For 2014 “Glorias del Deporte, Futbol Escuela de Vida”, will host 59 academies nationwide, adding baseball as one of the sports that will help the programme drive more than 7,000 boys and girls away of the risk factors that can harm their environment and increase crime levels in Mexican society. These academies will be operating in 30 of the 32 states of the Mexican territory.

Additionally a few months ago, the project was presented to the United Nations, where several international leaders were interested in replicating the model in their own countries.
• Glorias del Deporte, reached its perception goal of being known as a programme that tries to keep the youth away from a violent environment through sports, more specifically through soccer.
• The months that run from July 2013 through January 2014 generated 8.2 million impacts, this is worth $10.1 million pesos ($749,497).
• The documental reached 10,074 visits in YouTube.
• In 2013 it directly impacted more than 8,000 people, including teenagers, coaches, teachers, parents and friends.

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September - December 2013
Capital MX
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