My Life at 55


A life insurance plan is something on top of everyone’s mind; unfortunately, calculating finance is not, especially with the new digital generation in Thailand. Young Thai consumers also believe that life after the retirement is only a short period of time where they don’t feel the emergence need for a retirement plan.

Allianz Ayudhya Assurance wanted to raise awareness about its retirement campaign by enabling youth to become insurance enthusiasts and receive the benefit of successful savings and retirement plans along with a future peak of their economic lives. Key challenge was to reach young digital generation effectively, change their stance and cancels biased retirement plans.


The target audience was 25+ urbanites in Bangkok who ignore difficult financial calculation and never feel the need to plan for their retirement. However, these young generation Y are expressive, internet savvy, impatience, love simple rather than complexity and very adaptive to new form of communications. Mindshare’s strategy was to turn a boring retirement plan to a fun form of calculation while reveal the hidden time line after the retirement with a whimsical Facebook application.

“My Life at 55” Facebook application possessed the unique ability to make retirement a simple and fun activity to calculate – even boring typical savings. As a fun upgrade to a bland calculator, the concept was timed with a wonderful infographic layout under the hilarious concept, “See yourself aged at 55”. Meet the (wealthy) old new you through the eyes of Facebook. It is Thailand’s first online and interactive “Infographic” Retirement Calculator.


Life is short, let’s take care of your life now and score a winning retirement plan. Users can access via both PCs and mobile phones. Click to allow the application, which will thereby access your Facebook information or fill in a funny ‘Senior Identity Card’ and it creates your retirement face at the age of 55 photo as the first phase of the infographic part.

As users fill up the information of their daily living spending and lifestyle, the application will show the series of infographic illustrating the retirement savings tips tailored for the user with highlighted results such as your retirement photo, useful information such as the average retirement age, savings account information, spending, and a very helpful ‘Quick Search’ to uncover more insurance information and other calculator features such as savings and education for your future children and family.

To maximise the campaign, Allianz Ayudhya utilised a 360 degree communication plan with full-fledged internal communications materials, staff activities and pinpointing customer channels with EDM, newsletters, and innovative activities. The campaign also dedicated a mix of paid, owned, and earned media taking advantage of banner ads, Facebook ads, and the Google display network and agents communications to reach their audience at multiple touch points throughout the journey.


The “Retirement Calculator” is unlike any other and the first initiative by an insurance company in Thailand to engage users in a friendly and fascinating service with an appealing concept – My Life at 55.
- 50,000 new visitors with 962 visitors/day to ‘My Life at 55’ (A 2,137% increase following the VS pre-launch at 43 visitor/day)
- 29,000 rounds calculated (Prior to VS pre-launch at 5,889 rounds, triple digit increase of 392.4%)
- CTR at 1% higher than the average in online media (VS the industry standard of CTR from GDN at 0.05% display banner at 0.12% and Facebook Ads at 0.44% obviously)
- Help users to take a healthy interest and make them converts through an innovative tool that can be tangible for them in their financial life path.

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November - December 2012
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