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Guatemala is a country rich in traditions, customs, foods and has its own unique ways of communicating. Over the years, it has somewhat suffered a loss of national identity. The increased use of ‘Spanglish’, a decrease in popularity of local and traditional music  and even the choice by indigenous peoples to opt for "American” style rather than their traditional clothing, has all contributed to the watering down of Guatemalan culture. TorTrix is a snack made of corn, produced locally that has 50 years in the market. Despite mass globalization and the introduction of new foreign brands in to the Guatemalan market, TorTrix remains the number one brand of choice for all.


OMD actually faced a problem: Despite Guatemalans particular way of speaking Spanish, the movies they watch on TV are translated into Spanish with a Mexican accent and slang whilst some television stations hire Argentinian hosts to do the commentary of football games.

The strategy of Tortrix is to reverse this trend to celebrate Guatemalan culture by enhancing its values and customs with humour.


TV transmissions have an audio program called SAP (Second Audio Programme). This allows the viewer to listen to a different audio for a particular video broadcast. The idea was to use this function to listen to the TV programming in a Guatemalan slang. During the programming OMD showed a logo on screen inviting people to activate the SAP audio option and listen to a previously recorded translation, thus positioning and reminding the Guatemalan viewer of their customs and particular and special ways of speaking.


With a fraction of the cost of normal publicity on TV, the agency achieved high reach, and best of all, they were able to intervene into the programming gaining full attention of viewers.

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May - July 2012
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