Tata Sky's HD Picture speaks a million words!


Currently, in India TV viewing is largely dominated by Standard definition (SD) platforms. High Definition (HD) as a concept is new to India but is growing fast. With every passing day, more channels are launching their HD versions. Sensing a business opportunity, Tata Sky, a DTH (Direct-to-Home) company, launched its HD Set-Top-Box. The fact that an HD feed has a high degree of picture clarity as compared to a Standard Definition feed is little known in India. Media was asked to demonstrate this fact effectively and drive sales of 50,000 HD Set-Top-Boxes.


Research amongst 500 individuals in the top ten metros showed that any picture without disturbance was perceived to be clear. Hence, they were satisfied with the existing Standard Definition TV feed and didn’t find HD relevant. To drive sales, people had to be shown that there is more to picture clarity than just ‘picture minus disturbance’.

The visual elements are same in both HD and Standard-Definition feed, but we tend to miss out minute elements in SD feed as these are unclear. This led Tata Sky to the insight that ‘you don’t realise what you are missing, until you see it’.


A detailed analysis of the target audiences’ viewing habits (HD TV/Flat Panel owners) showed a high skew towards news, cricket and Hindi movies. A further analysis showed that the movies have high repeat viewership. The brand made viewers see visual elements which they would not have noticed in the popular scenes that they had seen in past, in such movies.

On November 2, 2011, in one of the blockbusters, ‘Agneepath’, while India’s biggest super-star Amitabh Bachchan was dying in his mother’s arms, highly engrossed viewers got the surprise of their life. The scene started playing again, and during this re-play, there was a zoom in on a house-fly hovering on the actor’s collar and a screen message with a voice-over followed- ‘Did you miss this fly while watching the same scene some moments back?’…‘if yes, then switch over to Tata Sky HD because on Tata Sky HD you can see even such minute elements in great detail’. The movie then continued as it is.

The fact that the demonstration was done in live content made it an experience multiplier. Over a period of 30 days, Tata Sky made several super stars jump, kick, wink and kiss twice by rewinding and replaying 36 scenes in 16 popular movies. And each time it showed viewers the visual elements that they would miss on their ‘Standard definition-TV-feed’ vis-à-vis a ‘HD-feed’.


The demonstration helped 36 million people experience the differential picture clarity of an HD feed, and Tata Sky sold a record 72,000 HD boxes during campaign period as against targeted 50,000. In the process it also became the player with the highest market share in the nascent DTH-HD Boxes category. The brand track scores of the period for ‘Product Relevancy’ increased to 11% and ‘Intent-To-Buy’ increased to 9%.

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