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L’Oreal moved into the console gaming territory with ‘The Next Level’ XBOX 360 App, a personalised world of beauty, style and entertainment delivered right into the Xbox gaming console, complete with a participation based rewards program. The app includes things like a personal stylist, tips, forums, inspiration and even an educational style academy program. The more users interact with the app the more points you earn, which are in turn redeemed for the latest offers from L’Oreal.


40% of Xbox users are women. L’Oreal used this insight to directly target women in a new territory. The idea was to create a multi-featured, one-stop beauty and style hub for women, based on the idea that nothing increases the odds of a successful campaign more than simply offering a useful service to the consumer.


Brightline created ‘The next level’ for L’Oreal on Xbox, a personalised world of style and beauty for Xbox users. Players can access different style and entertainment features by clicking on various tiles on screen, to explore the game.

Users earn ‘Style creds’ for the amount of time spent on the game and the amount of friends they invite to join them, which can then be redeemed for exciting offers and rewards.

The game features a library of articles on style, entertainment and lifestyle giving users expert advice, tips and showcasing the best products. L’Oreal teamed with Lucky magazine to give users the best advice.

Another feature of the game was the Style Academy, a virtual beauty school with numerous how to videos and advice on how to use particular products. The forum was created for people to share their own tips and tricks and to ask questions and seek advice from fellow users and beauty experts.

Finally each user could get access to a personal beauty assistant within ‘The Next Level’ Stylist section, features could be customized by answering a few questions.


L’Oreal targeted a completely new market and the move into the gaming world contributed to L’Oreal’s increase in sales in 2012 and a 10% increase on the previous year. 

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