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Advertising to women in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a complex business, the region is one of the most restrictive and regulated in the world. It is illegal to reveal any skin in print, outdoor and even some digital sites. Olay needed to promote its new Regenerist skin cream in a way that would celebrate the beauty of women while respecting cultural beliefs.

Olay's objectives were to engage the target audience with the brand, grow Olay's market share by 2%, and increase website traffic by 500% to continue product education.

Olay understood the complexity of Arabian women in society, in public women only showed their eyes, and created an online beauty pageant all about eyes. Knowing the penetration rates and the comfort level of uploading personal pictures, Olay opted for a digital platform. The website gave Muslim women the ability to participate, vote and interact with the Olay Eyes of Arabia beauty contest freely.

Women could enter by uploading a veiled photo online and if they didn't want to post a picture, they could participate by voting for others. The website also included beauty tips and secrets from Olay professionals. To drive women to the site and raise awareness of the pageant, banner ads in women targeted sites and bloggers were used which in turn resulted in female beauty magazines promoting the pageant and the Olay brand.


Olay's market value share grew by +3.5%.

82,155 women participated as voters or participants.

Olay reached 30.4% share of the total market.

Site traffic increased by 806%.

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