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  • Coca-Cola Walls
  • Coca-Cola Walls

Music has become the standard channel for brands to communicate with teens. There are hundreds of examples of brands pairing with recording artists or live events in an attempt to engage with the youth market. The value of this strategy is obvious - different musicians and genres come with off-the-shelf fan bases that brands can leverage to their own advantage.

In a move that unites the idea of branded content with the attraction of music, Coca-Cola in the Netherlands launched a campaign to engage teens that would fulfil Coke's mission to create 'moments of optimism and happiness.'

Coca-Cola Music is an innovative new music program that gives teen fans the inside track about new music and the opportunity to view leading artists at work. New band One Night Only has written and recorded a brand new track called 'Can You Feel It' for the program. The track is the soundtrack to the new global Coca-Cola TVC called 'Walls'.

The 'Walls' commercial brings to life the teenage ritual of grabbing a Coke, turning up the stereo and enjoying the end of the day. The full-length music video echoes the creative used in the TV spot, which sees teenagers jumping around their bedrooms.


New campaign, results to follow.


Why is this on Cream? The idea of soft drinks brands enlisting a celebrity spokesperson is in many ways quite old fashioned. The idea that Coke takes a risk on new talent is a chance for the brand to appear more in tune with current youth trends. It also allows the same strategy to be scaled to different markets using appropriate local talent.

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Coca Cola
Brand Owner:
Drinks (non-alcoholic)
The Netherlands
May 2011 - ongoing
Wieden & Kennedy
Media Channel:
Branded Content,TV

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