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  • Boomerang Pets K99
  • Boomerang Pets K99
  • Boomerang Pets K99

Children's TV channel Boomerang: Home of pets and animals, wanted to bring the brand to life by throwing a party in the park for its adoring viewers. The party, held in Regent's Park, London, would have no worries inviting owners; the concern was how to invite the animals.

So, to give the dogs something to get excited about, a doggy ice cream van was created. The K99 was­ the first ever ice-cream van for dogs, offering 'Dog eat Hog World' (chicken and gammon sorbet) and 'Canine Cookie Crunch' (a dog biscuit take on cookies and cream). The van played the theme tune to Scooby Doo rather than the traditional chimes.

The quirky K99 van was featured heavily on national and international TV, print and online in the build-up to the event, which saw 6,000 humans and several hundred dogs attend on the day. One woman informed organisers she and her husband had driven several hours simply so their dog could taste the K99 treats. All proceeds raised from sales of the ice cream went towards funding the Berkshire Search & Rescue Dogs, a volunteer group assisting search and rescue teams.

The activity was masterminded by Cow PR, one of Cream's top 100 innovative businesses, as featured in "No Apples".

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Boomerang Pets
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Time Warner
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July 2010 - ongoing
Cow PR
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