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Although Nana is one of the leading brands of femcare in Lebanon, it still competes with Always as the brand of choice for young Arab women especially for ‘ultra’ – its thin sanitary napkin product offering. In Jordan, the preference for thick towels dominates the market meaning brands such as Always and Cinderella beat out Nana which is still a less popular brand in comparison. In KSA, Nana has a very low brand awareness and less than 1% MS. This market is dominated by giant players such as Always, Fam and Carefree. Always, the main player in the category also has all-year round communication with a geographical heritage, to the point where the most-used term for pads is their brand name.   

Feminine care is a very sensitive topic in the MENA region in general and more so in KSA, where young Arab women are far less vocal about the topic. Nana aimed to be the brand that broke through that perceived taboo by making the needs of feminine care a topic of conversation that was as normal as anything else these women shared with their friends. 

Consumer Insight: Young Arab women aged 16-24 find comfort, strength and inspiration in their BFFs. They feel very embarrassed talking about their period and pads; and mishaps associated with sanitary pads are considered to be girls’ most humiliating situations. Millennials today want more from brands. They view meaningful experiences as prized possessions that are more valuable than material goods, and are swayed by public opinion of their social circles. Experiences can provide more happiness because they have social value. 


Nana wanted to encourage every young woman to live without fear during their monthly period and in their everyday lives without holding back. From there, the “Live Fearless”  brand communication strategy and tagline was born globally. Live Fearless is about being feminine, being bold, erasing those moments of self-doubt and saying yes more than no.  

But how to go about this in a region where talking about sanitary pads is uncomfortable?  

Zenith set out to normalise the category and make the topic less taboo, by focusing on the brand communication of #LiveFearless and translating it into real life stories that embody its message. It wanted to create experiences that girls in this region can share with their friends in a manner that creates #LiveFearless ambassadors to carry out business and marketing objectives. Knowing that young girls thirst for meaningful experiences and relatable stories, the agency sought to bring this to life through a series of adventures and live Fearless moments that embody the encouragement from woman to woman to overcome their fears and live without limits. 


To normalise the category and build credibility, it started the #liveFearless campaign by recruiting fearless women to celebrate their journey as local relevant ambassadors who were able to make remarkable achievements, and in turn encourage women to overcome their fears and live without limits. By partnering with ET Bel Arabi, the Arabic version of the world class entertainment show Entertainment Tonight, it managed to co-create a brand-focused segment called LiveFearless, in which it hosted social celebrities to talk about their own journey as fearless women. To engage with their followers it ended the segment with the brand challenging them to put their money where their mouth is with real-life experiences that personify the #LiveFearless mantra.  

The aim was to entertain and inspire with powerful storytelling and most importantly enable young women in the Arab world to experience what it truly means to live fearless. With that in mind Nana set out to give these girls the chance to embark on an extraordinary journey with their BFF. Kicking off the adventure with a powerful social influencer, Ghida Arnaout, an outdoor adventurer from Lebanon, who invited girls from all over the Arab world to join her in a LiveFearless adventure in Jordan.  

Girls from all the region were excited to be part of the adventure! Thousands chose to #LiveFearless and 12 lucky girls from six countries were selected to share this experience with their BFFs. 

It brought together 13 girls from the Arab world to live new experiences, challenge themselves, and together support each other to overcome all obstacles!  

Highly engaging and entertaining content strategically flooded the brand's Facebook page, including Facebook live chats, Facebook live posts and Instagram stories, which made these platforms a frequent destination for young women. 


Two months after the start of the campaign, Nana reached the highest level of Value Share in Jordan with a 24.5% increase in the ultra-segment when compared to previous six month average, resulting in a loss in shares for the number one player in the market for the first time ever since 2014. 

In Lebanon, Nana managed to become the number two player in Volume shares. 

While in KSA, it reached its record high total awareness by the end of the campaign with a 29% increase, when compared to previous six months average, 50% higher than the set objective. 

Campaign performed amazingly well, over-achieving across all digital KPIs: 
- 500% higher clicks 
- 144% of participation KPI  
- Reached 78% of girls aged 16-24 with only Facebook  
- Astonishing Engagement Rate of 40%, 230% higher than average previous six months 
- An Ad-recall increase of 30% 
400K+ organic views 

The entertaining content and segment resulted in a week on week increase in the show ratings: the ratings of the show doubled at the end of the campaign when compared to the time before the activation started. Proving that the content was loved and very relevant to the target audience.

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July - December 2016
Zenith Media
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