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When you travel, time is currency. How long you stay, how long you’re traveling, how much time you’ll be away, how much a day, how much per night? But when Latin American travellers need to exchange currency they usually opt for more time consuming alternatives.

Many travellers continue to use Exchange Bureaus (28%) and Banks (29%) out of habit or aversion to ATMs. They say the main reasons for not using ATMs as the lack of knowledge of their location and fear. Increasing local currency withdrawals at ATMs was a business opportunity for Visa.


The challenge was to drive inbound consumers to make a quick stop at the ATM before leaving the airport. Offering a fast way to identify the ATMs locations while promoting the benefit of ATMS withdrawals was a must.

OMD knew that at arrival many tourists are concerned about acquiring local currency easily. It needed to change the perception in consumers that ATMs are the most convenient method for obtaining cash at home, but are unsure while outside their home town. Increasing awareness of ATM locations and increasing familiarity that usage abroad is the same as usage at home, would increase usage.


Latin America’s largest airline, LAN, was a powerful ally as the carrier is the preferred airline between Chile and Peru.

After analysing travellers’ behaviour, the agency decided that the best touch points to bring a message of convenience were during journey: inflight magazines, inflight screens and digital out of home at destination airports.

It reminded travellers that Visa is not only the most accepted card for everyday shopping, but a safe, convenient and fast option for ATM withdrawal. OMD took advantage of content that was already developed in non-saturated vehicle. Visa was the first advertiser to brand the terminal map in the inflight magazines. It had designated “Visa points” on the terminal maps showing the closest ATM location in each destination terminal.

OMD drove passengers to the terminal maps in the magazine from the flight tracker inflight video screen with 10 sec display ad with a strong call to action: Pick up your magazine now, go to the airport map and find the closest Visa point to safely withdraw local cash!

For those who missed it in flight, passengers were exposed to more than 200 screens at destination airports with creative messaging about the convenience and safety of ATM withdrawals at the airport.


Clear, consistent messaging across three principal touch points before clients leave the airport: IN Magazine, Tracker map within inflight entertainment, and 240 airport screens spread out in the airports. Over 600,000 international passengers were exposed to the campaign per month during flight.

Visa showed positive increases in long term impact metrics:
• Inbound withdrawal increased 9%, # of transactions increased 7%
• Accepted Worldwide +3pts
• Is the most innovative +9%.

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Latin America
May - July 2013
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