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The most beautiful words are often spoken when someone passes away, when it is too late for them to know how their friends and family feel about them! Funeral Insurance company DELA wanted to position themselves as a company who is there not only to facilitate a dignified farewell but also all year round. 


Ogilvy & Mather Amsterdam created an integrated campaign that would inspire everyone to express their love and affection. They created ads with the use of just one word ‘Lieve’ (Dear) and the public finished the sentence with the name of their loved ones. The campaign offered ordinary people the possibility to express something unique to someone special through short clips recorded with 6 hidden camera.


The results of the clips were used to create ads that were based on original emotions from the people of theNetherlands. It allowed people to show that they were there for each other, at any time, today. Inspired by the numerous uploaded ads, each outdoor poster had a unique character and was placed strategically in the area where the person referring to, was meant to be living.

As an additional touch point, the public could post their messages on the company’s Facebook page or website. Radio, banners and live television speeches also supported the campaign.


During the months that the campaign took place, visits to DELA’s website grew by 66% and their Facebook likes increased by 96%! The company’s Twitter account had more than 3600 mentions regarding the campaign, while just 6% of them were indicated as messages with negative sentiment. DELA’s awareness grew from 78 to 87% and the minor negative claims regarding the brand decreased from 9% to 3.5%. Finally, DELA ranked in the to 10 best known brands inHolland. 

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The Netherlands
June 2013 - ongoing
Ogilvy & Mather Amsterdam
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