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Today, there are millions of children around the world that don’t having their basic needs met, thousands of them in South Africa. Through no fault of their own, children are hungry - for love, security, education, food.

In 2009 KFC recognised this, and put into action the initiative now known as Add Hope. KFC Add Hope is an in-store mechanic that gives customers an opportunity to donate ZAR2 towards feeding hungry children. It’s a way to show the world that big brands can be about more than the bottom line. It’s a way to show that multi-national organisations are capable of capturing and mobilising the spirit of giving, the spirit of sharing, the spirit of truly affecting change in the societies where they function.

In 2011 the brand put in a mammoth effort and raised ZRR9.6 million. Every cent of which went directly into filling empty tummies.

In 2012 KFC commissioned adventurer Riaan Manser, to do the Journey of Hope: a 4100km expedition around the country. In just two months, Riaan cycled the word “hope” across the South African map on half the calories he needed. He would stop in at charities along the way, inspiring children and showing the public the difference a single meal could make, if only they just Added Hope.

And they did. Last year KFC raised R12.6 million. This means that 40 000 children have food every month because of the brand’s commitment to change the world in which it operates.


The nature of the Journey of Hope was fast paced. MediaEdge had to film as Riaan Manser was cycling because the schedule did not allow them to re-shoot anything. From the date he started the Journey of Hope (14-09-2012), he had to cycle 130km’s, every day to arrive at the final destination and event on time (02-11-2012). From the 14-09-2012, when the Journey of Hope started, MediaEdge had 12 television deadlines. Meaning they needed to film, edit, grade, mix and telestream to the broadcaster: 1 episode and 1 promo per week for the following 6 weeks.

The on the road Production team consisted of a Production Manager and Production Coordinator. The DOP had a camera assistant. The Producer and Director would join at each charity. The entire Journey of Hope was filmed using 3 Canon DSLR cameras and various lenses to capture Riaan Manser’s struggle and the beautiful South African landscape. MediaEdge opted for the DSLR cameras due to their fantastic image quality, the interchangeable lenses and their compact size.

The Director and DOP were selected for their incredible vision, experience and delivery of quality under extreme pressure. The episodes were edited on FCP and colouring was done by a professional telecine company. The audio of each episode was given the attention of a TVC. Each episode underwent 4 phases of approvals, spread across agency, client and broadcaster. All in 7 days.

Brand fit

KFC is a QSR and the idea sparked for them. KFC believed that their central business - feeding people - could also be the point of contact where they could make an impact to make the world a better place.

The Journey of Hope TV series brought the work that they do to alleviate the hunger of South Africa’s underprivileged and forgotten children to life. MediaEdge highlighted the scale, scope and reach of their effort by creating an epic solo cycling expedition that literally spelt the word ‘hope’ across the country. The agency showed the devastating impact of malnutrition by only providing Riaan Manser, the celebrity explorer, with half the calories his body needed to sustain his effort. Lastly, they brought the impact of a ZAR2 donation, the amount of money KFC requires to provide a meal to a starving child, to life by showing the stores of hope that have sprouted from the work that Add Hope has done over the past couple of years.



TV Viewership: 1.2mil

Online views: 5787

581 people participated in a total of 1831 conversations about the campaign.

There were 4.45mil opportunities to see the conversation.

The campaign generated ZAR7 mil worth of earned media at an ROI of 1:34.

ZAR12 mil worth’s donations were collected in 2012 – which translates to 6mil meals in 2013. An increase of 33% from 2011

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KFC Add Hope
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October - November 2012
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