Taking Photo with Half-naked Beckham


H&M has gained a considerable market share in Shanghai and Beijing through an aggressive store expansion programme but today most consumers recognised H&M only as a trendy fashion brand. Consumers associate H&M with a high frequency of new clothing lines at a medium-grade price range.

David Beckham Bodywear was being introduced to the Chinese market. The range is high end and more exclusive than the standard H&M product ranges. The key challenge of this activity was to build this high-end brand image in terms of quality and pricing in the minds of consumers.


David Beckham is a massive worldwide celebrity and heartthrob for many females around the world including China. In China the association of a foreign superstar celebrity to endorse products is even more unusual and has the potential to provide instant credibility for the brand and make a unique connection with the consumers. Getting up close and personal with David Beckham is the dream of many of his fans around the world. 

The strategy was to use H&M’s biggest asset - David Beckham - as the focal point of the activity. The agency wanted to leverage his personality and bring him to the centre of H&M’s world. What if Kinetic had the chance to make all of his Chinese fans dreams come true and allow them to have their photo taken with Beckham? Kinetic wanted people to become part of this story and create an emotional bond with them and so encouraged people to stand up and be counted by participating in an event. The OOH event was the vehicle to deploy a creative execution to make these dreams become a reality and social media was also used to expand the influence and build brand awareness fast.


High end premium shopping areas were selected in order to match the high-end brand positioning of David Beckham Bodywear.  Based on the insight that ladies purchase underwear for their lovers, the campaign was conducted near to the H&M store to help motivate purchase and drive the sales. A huge shopping bag, sized 5m(H) and 6m (W) was built and a half-naked Beckham was featured on the bag, large enough so that all the passersby would not miss it! One side of the bag showed a poster and another a Mega LED. The agency equipped the bag with a radar sensing system and HD camera. If consumers stood in the designated area, they would realise their dream of taking a group photo with David Beckham. The photo was instantly sent to them via email or MMS and consumers were encouraged to upload this photo to Weibo and @HMChina so that they could enter a lucky draw for a surprise gift.


The campaign attracted a massive buzz in these retail shopping areas amongst passing traffic and onlookers. David Beckham Bodywear engaged with 4,999 people during the campaign period and 2,515 photos was generated and shared on Weibo. In addition to the buzz of the event, sales at the nearest H&M store doubled during the campaign period, far exceeding client expectations.

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David Beckham Bodywear
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August - September 2012
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