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Luxury fashion brands are not renowned for innovative campaigns. The challenge for agency Everywhere was to come up with a campaign that would commemorate 60 years of French fashion house Chloé in a creative and engaging way. The brand launched an integrated campaign which included 26 short films, an exhibition and a social media roll-out.


To coincide with the exhibition Chloé launched a microsite called ‘Alphabet’. This was inspired by Chloé’s founder, Gaby Aghion as she often used this naming convention for collections.


The campaign began with a party during Paris Fashion Week at Palais De Tokyo, to commemorate the brand’s work across all 60 years. The event was attended by guests including Karl Lagerfeld, fashion editor Anna Dello Russo and Chloé founder Gaby Aghion. This was followed by the opening of the ‘Attitudes’ exhibition, also held at the Palais du Tokyo, which showcased outfits from the last 60 years.

The exhibition was accompanied by 26 videos. The 26 short movies featured archive imagery, past advertising campaigns, music and editorials. They were inspired by the 26 letters of the alphabet, an idea often used by Aghion as the naming convention for collections.

The videos were held on a specially created microsite. The site is an online exploration of the label’s heritage from 1952 to the present day. It tells the story of Chloé's  founder and how she launched the label as a statement of femininity in the 50s.

The short films were composed by fashion creatives such as Julie Verhoeven, Poppy de Villeneuve and Mary Clerté, who explored themes such as counter-couture, horses and embroidery. The alphabet was created to tell the story of the history of the brand.

Alongside the videos Chloé launched a social media campaign. Everyday a different fashion blogger had the exclusivity to feature the video before its release on the Chloé website. This helped to promote the anniversary and aimed to build the brand’s image.

Chosen bloggers received a one-off Chloé package containing items that bring to life their letter and theme, thereby allowing them to share the exclusive content intimately with their readers.

Once all 26 letters are ‘live’ on the microsite, an electronic invitation system will become active: users can type the name of a friend and enter their email and they will receive a unique version of the heritage, relative to the letters that make up their name.


The Chloé campaign launched in October 2012, results to follow. 

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