Nike: Find Your Greatness

With the Olympics in full swing Nike has released its latest inspiring campaign entitled ‘Find Your Greatness’, to encourage people across the globe to excel in their own way. The campaign consists of a short film, ‘Find Your Greatness’, which launched on social media and digital channels in the first week of the Olympics and is supported by the online Nike+ hub where people can sign up to ‘missions’ and share their results.

The challenge was to create a campaign that would transpire across countries, age groups, sports and situations to show that greatness is not just reserved for Olympic athletes.  The aim of this campaign is to drive as many everyday athletes as possible to the site in preparation for August 12th- when Nike hopes to have the most active day in its history.

The Olympics has got people all over the world glued to their televisions and there have been numerous discussions about how the 2012 games will inspire people for years to come.

The insight behind this campaign is to inspire athletes everywhere to celebrate their own greatness and participate in sport to feel the sense of achievement. The Nike+ products; Nike+ Running, Nike+ Basketball, Nike+ Training and the Nike+ Fuelband are the tools that allow everyday athletes to measure their personal performances and enable them to set, and beat, targets and personal bests.

Nike is not an official sponsor of the Olympics and despite clear connotations of the games it is not actually able to mention the event itself.

In order to inspire the everyday athletes Nike enlisted Wieden and Kennedy to create a short film that would emphasise the message of achievement and serve as an accompaniment to the Nike online hub.

Wieden and Kennedy created a short film to be distributed across social media and digital channels initially and then on television globally. The video made use of ‘London’, rather than the word ‘Olympics’ by showing everyday athletes training in various locations with the name ‘London’ in some from. The video features ‘London Gym’, a rugby match in East London, Africa, a female boxer in Jamaica’s Little London and a basketball player in London, Ohio. All these athletes are striving for their own personal bests and looking to excel, just like Olympians.

The film was launched across social media and digital channels, featured on the YouTube home page and as a TV ad. The film accompanies Nike’s digital ecosystem which has 8.5 million members globally and acts as a hub for motivation for athletes everywhere to track their progress.

Whilst the Olympics continues Nike is hoping to motivate people through digital missions using Nike+ and is preparing  for August 12th, Nike hopes this will be  the most active day in the history of Nike+. People who take part in the missions will be able to share their achievements on social media and this will appear on the Nike+ Fuelstream, an online stream of images and comments. Nike’s Twitter feeds will also be involved to stimulate conversation and encourage more everyday athletes to get involved.


-The Nike Find Your Greatness campaign has recently launched globally and on August 12th Nike+ hopes to get more people than ever motivated and have its most active day yet, results to follow.

-To date the film has received 4,485,804 views on YouTube. 

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