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Lubriderm is an intensive moisturising skincare range from Johnson & Johnson. The latest addition to the range, Lubriderm Advanced Therapy, offered the dual benefits of moisturising and exfoliation. Given that this was a slight departure from the core Lubriderm range, it was necessary for the brand to educate women that their trusted moisturising brand now offered an exfoliation product.

Beauty products often rely on sophisticated computer generated graphics in TV spots to demonstrate the action of skin care products at a cellular level, but one of the most notable benefits of exfoliation is the smoothness it brings to the skin. J&J wanted to convey the dramatic smoothing effect of Lubriderm, and that could only be communicated through the sensation of touch, and the only media channel capable of delivering touch was print.

Two of the most popular women's magazines in Colombia, TV Y NOVELAS and FUCSIA were identified as opinion leaders in beauty for Colombian women. These two titles were selected to deliver the Lubriderm exfoliation experience to their readers.

On the full page Lubriderm advertisement, an image of a model was printed on slightly textured paper that recreated the sensation of rough skin. This rough surface was in fact a gatefold that could be opened to reveal the same model, but with a smooth, rejuvenated skin colour and texture, clearly demonstrating the physical benefits of Lubriderm cell renewal.


This campaign led to a sales increase of 16% compared to 2009. Only six months after the campaign launch, Lubriderm Advance Therapy represents 10% of brand´s global sales. Brand top-of-mind share scored 21% in the launch month of the campaign, placing it as the leading brand in the category.

This campaign was shortlisted at the 2011 Festival of Media Latam Awards in the "Best Use of Print" category.

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Brand Owner:
Johnson & Johnson
August - August 2010
Media Channel:
  • FOMLA2010 winner

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