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For a brand like Ikea that has hundreds of different products, it can be difficult to ensure that each of them receives the right amount of promotion. The Ikea catalogue is enormous, and any campaign that attempted to put even a fraction of its products on-screen would be of epic proportions.

Ikea TV campaigns in other markets often focussed on groups of products, such as kitchen equipment, but Ikea in the Netherlands wanted to promote the idea of everyday Ikea products being used every day, and bring happiness to those that used them.

Recognising the importance of everyday life at home, Ikea decided to offer a new idea for the home, every day of the year.

Starting in September 2010, Ikea launched a new TV campaign that comprised a year's worth of daily commercials. Each edition of Ikea 365 is completely unique and focussed on a different Ikea product.

Humorous in tone, the spots generally feature shoppers interacting with the furniture or Ikea staff getting up to mischief in the store. One even stars Father Christmas.

Each TV spot is broadcast for one day only, which over the year helps to reinforce the versatility of the Ikea brand. The spots were broadcast on RTL4, SBS6 and Veronica.

Nico de Jong, marketing manager Ikea Netherlands: "Ikea is a very versatile, a lot more than people think. Life at home different every day too. With this campaign we show in a unique way how Ikea fits with the daily life of our customers."

The 365 concept was extended in-store, where each day a different product was showcased. Online content also updated daily.

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The Netherlands
September 2010 - August 2011
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