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Orange has worked hard to establish itself as a big name, in fact the only telecoms name, in the movie theatre space. Through effective campaigns such as 'Orange Wednesdays' 2-4-1 ticket offer and the Orange Film Funding Board it now has a certain legitimacy within the film industry - leveraging this position is key to the company's future. So Orange launched something that offered cinema lovers an opportunity to go backstage to discover how to produce a film, their film.

The website weareproducteurs.com was launched in partnership with EuropaCorp, one of the most important studios in Europe, founded by Luc Besson. This website, powered by The Grand Union, gave users the opportunity to get involved in all stages of film production, from conception to release.

Members of the site were invited to express their artistic point of view by voting on key points, from the choice of the synopsis (the thriller "À l'aveugle" won among 5 propositions) to the development of the screenplay, directing options, casting choices and the soundtrack. EuropaCorp also allowed them to contribute financially and receive their share from the film's proceeds. A 'college of experts', included directors, actors, screenwriters, first assistants, who guided web users, commented on the project's development. Members were also able to interact with leading figures of the French film industry, such as Richard Berry and Eric Lartigau.


This campaign got 10,000 members in three months. The only money spent on media was for a press conference, which triggered around three million contacts, thousands of blogs, Facebook fans and Twitter followers, conveying Orange content.

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