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Alexander Amosu has made a name for himself by designing 'the world's most expensive' line of items, from suits to phones. He wanted to launch the 'Worlds Most Expensive Blackberry' at an event that would reflect the indulgent luxuriousness of the £150,000 handset, encrusted with 4,459 brilliant cut diamonds.

To create a sense of unique opulence, flower designers Blue and Blooms were bought in. This company was the first in the UK to use organic media in the form of flowers to promote brands. The innovative approach to printing on fresh flowers creates a creative marketing tool for companies looking to use branded flowers that turn heads and create attention.

The high quality images are achieved using computer technology and organic-based ink that doesn't damage the petals. In this case, a gold ink was applied to red rose petals (due to the larges surface area, roses are the best flowers to use) with the Amosu logo. This is also an environmentally friendly form of promotion that gives any brand a real hand-crafted feel.

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July 2010 - ongoing
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