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Fashion thrives on trends and few trends are proving as popular as social networking and mobile phone applications.

Ralph Lauren was the most notable fashion brand to strut into the world of smartphones applications by giving users the chance to put together their own virtual outfits. Meanwhile, Burberry took its first steps into social networking to link its customer base together in September 2008.

In 2009, Italian label Gucci wanted to tie-in the 24 October launch of its travelling shoe-store, "Gucci-Icon Temporary Project", with the latest in consumer technology.   The first step was the launch of social networking micro-site Eyeweb, which allowed users to share photos of their favourite sunglasses with another.

The second was to launch brand's first mobile phone application.

This "virtual accessory" offered another avenue to reach both existing and new consumers. The aim was to enlist the skills of famous designer Frida to give customers the essence of a Gucci lifestyle, while making the most of technological advancements.

A host of different features contributed to the app. Users could access personalised music playlists, video, shows and news along with a store locator and exclusive offers for Gucci products. The "Little Black Book" gave recommendations for restaurants, nightclubs, bars and hotels in 33 major cities around the world. There was also the opportunity for consumers to create their own sounds with the virtual vinyl mixer "Gucci Beats" to send to friends via Facebook.

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