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Cream in Focus reports provide in-depth analysis of the latest marketing issues and trends, comprised of 360-overview of the topic, expert opinion, stats, trends and case studies. From March 2011, the reports are over 60 pages and feature at least 10 relevant best-practice Cream case studies.

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Cream in Focus Report: Mobile

Cream in Focus Report: Mobile

Cream's new report examines the social, business and technical issues and ideas surrounding today's mobile marketing landscape. 70+ pages are packed with data, trends, essays, and case studies that demonstrate a variety of mobile marketing techniques in action. Topics include: an inclusive approach to marketing on mobile; personalisation vs privacy; reaching, engaging, converting and analysing your target audience, plus the essentials for mobile CRM success.


Case studies from: Lynx, McDonald's, Nike, Pepsi, Red Cross, Samsung, Tiger Beer, and Mazda.

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Produced in association with Velti, the Mobile Marketing Association and We Love Mobile.


Planet versus Profit: The CSR Dilemma

If someone said 10 years ago that Pepsi was going to pull its multi-million dollar Super Bowl ad position and trade it in for a $20million socially responsible community project, they would have been laughed off Madison Avenue.  But that is exactly what happened. Brands are finally taking stories of corporate responsibility off the company website and telling them to the consumer. Some are well-received gifts of inspiration, while others fail to make an impact. It's a steep learning curve and everyone's dying to know the secret of saying it right. Cream looks at how brands can reconcile their economic and social imperatives.

Case studies from Dulux, Stella Artois, Kenco Eco Refill, Ariel and Puma.

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Brand Dating: The guide to successful branding partnerships

In the quest to engage with consumers, brands are increasingly turning to other brands to create meaningful, mutually-beneficial partnerships. But should they be casually dating, committing to a long term relationship, or engaging in a series of casual flings?  Cream examines how successful joint campaigns can open up new avenues of opportunity with minimum investment, and in doing so improve customer perceptions, re-kindle interest in the brand and promote loyalty.

Case studies from Nike/Apple, Breitling/Bentley, Weight Watchers/Wii and Coke/Bacardi

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Crisis Management

Calming the storm: marketing your way out of Crisis 101

Toyota accelerator pedals dominated the headlines during the first few weeks of 2010. But beyond the stories of recalls, anxious motorists and angry governments, how did Toyota's marketing strategy deal with the problem? Given how quickly these sorts of reputation disasters can escalate, Cream evaluates the role of Toyota's communications as a cause, and solution to its problems, and examines how other brands have dealt with major reputation-damaging crises.

Case studies from Domino's Pizza, Servus Credit Union, US Army, Royal Mail, Marks & Spencer, Conservative Party, British Airways, Office for National Statistics, McDonald's, Rolling Rock

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Advertising as a service

Brands to the rescue: why advertisers are well placed to make up the shortfall in public spending

As brands struggle to achieve cut through with an increasingly cynical consumer and gaping holes in public funds widen, opportunities arise for advertisers to come to the rescue and deliver services to the public. From funding road repairs and flower beds to swooping in to help out after a natural disaster, Cream looks at what kind of services brands are offering to people and how such acts of 'enlightened self-interest' can ultimately add to bottom line. 

Case studies from Toyota, Philips, Sony, Fiat, Glad, BBC, KFC, Orange, Tide, Whisper

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User-generated content

'C' is for Context: Why user-generated content is no longer king

Brands have long been handing over creative control to their consumer with 'create our ad' or 'name our flavour' User-Generated Content competitions, but do they ever really add long term value to either brand or consumer? Or is it just a gimmicky fad? Cream looks at how brands have successfully incorporated consumer feedback into their marketing strategies and how it is likely to be user-generated context, rather than content that will prove to be more valuable for marketers.

Case studies from Doritos, Frijj, Walkers Crisps, Cornetto, Mahou, Heinz, Ben and Jerry's, Skittles, Kodak, Fiat

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Strategic Planning

The death of the big idea: The big idea is dead. Long live the big ideal

People have long been caught up on capturing the "big idea" - a brand platform that can unify all communications and even endure the ever-changing personnel in the marketing department. The proliferation of communications channels means that it has never been more important to find a memorable message and brands are increasingly looking for purpose-driven or cause-related big ideas, aka big ideals. Cream looks at why many brands struggle to find this elusive ideal and gives advice as to how such an idea can emerge.

Case studies from Häagen Dazs, Nokia, BBC, Pedigree, GE, The One, Dove,

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