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Personalised newspaper launches

by Olivia Solon,, 05 January 2010, 10:47 AM

BERLIN - German company Niiu has launched a personalised web-to-print newspaper service aimed at young readers.

The news heralds a new revenue stream for ailing publishers, who are struggling to compete with online counterparts.

Berlin residents can now select which pages of content they'd like to fill their own 24-page newspaper from a selection of 17 daily newspapers, thanks to a new company called Niiu.

Niiu has partnered with national newspapers such as Berliner Mogenpost, Der Tagesspiegel and Bild as well as international newspapers such as the New York Times and the Washington Post to give readers a choice of content.

Readers can select which sections of the papers they'd like to fill their own publications as well as any content they'd like to include from hundreds of online RSS feeds. Readers can also select from a range of predefined profiles with different focuses such as fashion or business.

The paper can be customized with a name and colour for the front and back and readers can add a greeting, slogan or uploaded photos. The resulting creation is delivered to their door the following morning.

Per-issue is €1.20 for students and €1.80 for everyone else, with an introductory offer of three free issues.

The project echoes that of Lexus's "Mine" magazine it created with Time Warner and Nissan's personalised newspaper.


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