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Family and home are still at the centre of an Arab woman’s life, but they are increasingly concerned about issues affecting them and their community. Issues such as education of women and children, abuse, self-confidence, gender bias, starting a business and poverty are of concern and they feel the need to be addressed and brought to life.  

Women want to have a bigger role in society but tend to underestimate their power, and the impact that they can have. Arab women lack the confidence to do the things that they want to do. From (seemingly) trivial (such as not trying a new dish for fear of displeasing her husband) to more important things (such as not going back to university because she doesn’t think she is up to running a home and getting a degree at the same time), they feel limited in the things that they can do, which is not surprising given years of conditioning in a region where women are not always provided with an environment that nurtures personal growth, and where they in fact face some of the worst barriers to personal freedom in the world.  


While Season 1 & 2 focused predominantly on the discovery of new cuisines, MAGGI hadn’t contributed to causes that were important to women, or taken concrete actions to support them. In 2016, it was time for MAGGI to evolve, in the same way that the consumer was evolving.  

Building on its previous journey, MEC understood that it needed to take action to bring change in a more tangible way, taking a real leap of faith and evolving the concept from a journey of culinary discovery into one that helps raise awareness for pressing issues such as domestic abuse, illiteracy, poverty and refugee status. Territory that no other brand had dared to do. It felt that Maggi was in a good position to deliver this - as a brand that’s most loved, trusted and a part of every household for years. Food, rather than being the focus, would now become the catalyst to create a meaningful change within communities.  

The agency recruited a mix of older and younger married women as Ambassadors. These women travel across the region meeting exceptional women who have overcome challenges to make a real change in their community - such as Aisha el Channa in Morocco who campaigns passionately to change the perception of single mums and Lina Khalifeh in Jordan who builds self-confidence by teaching women self-defense. MAGGI not only raised awareness on these issues, but also supported and contributed to projects important to women i.e. building a new school in the poor village of Agouti in Morocco and creating a self-sustaining programme for refugees to support themselves through cooking. Ultimately, MAGGI Diaries Season 3 is a call for all women to discover the power in them to make a difference.    


The priority was to make the show mainstream while adding value to millions of Arab mothers in the region. TV still plays a significant role in the Arab woman’s daily life and in terms of time spent, continues to dominate the landscape. MEC also knew that for years, The Morning Show on MBC has been a staple source of information and entertainment for women. Starting in April 2016, once a week, it natively integrated MAGGI Diaries episodes within the show, in essence, creating a show within a show.  

The eco-system evolved from being a purely YouTube driven content series supported by social media, to developing separate content pieces that live on each platform. Above and beyond the 20 minute episode that lived on TV, the agency produced shorter versions of the episodes, designed specifically to live on Facebook as well as short one minute interviews with the “Women of Change” that it met along the way for extra content on Instagram. These extra videos and content pieces, gave the episodes a new dimension, as fans were able to follow the stories of each woman individually.  

Moreover, it split the role of MBC’s platforms & those of MAGGI’s – each playing their own unique role. MAGGI’s owned platforms focused on telling the story and showcasing the essence of the campaign: “Making a Difference” through inspiring women. MBC’s role was to predominantly amplify the MAGGI Diaries show through bespoke environments on & that ultimately became online hubs for MAGGI Diaries.  


MAGGI Diaries proved to be more than a one-time web series. It has evolved to become the brand platform - from a 12 week series on YouTube in 2014-2015 to becoming a year-long brand platform in 2016 under which all the brand’s activities, product launches and campaigns sit. 

• 15M+ video views across all platforms 
• 75M+ impressions delivered across the entirety of the campaign 
• 20,000+ new subscribers on the MAGGI Arabia YouTube Channel 
• A 30% average VTR on YouTube across the entirety of the campaign (industry norm of 14%) 
• Brand loyalty increased from 75% to 80% 
• Market Share increases across all priority markets: (1) KSA: 75% to 83%; (2) KWT: 76% to 86%; (3) UAE: 78% to 82%. 

It established MAGGI as a brand that: 
• Helps me bring my family together (score 75%) 
• Helps me contribute to a better life (score 75%) 
• Helps me make my family, loved ones happy (score 85%) 
• Brings out the best in me so I can be a better wife/mother (score 75%) 
• Helps me make a difference in my loved one’s lives through everyday cooking (75%). 

MAGGI Diaries has become Google MENA and Nestle global best practice and is currently rolling out across 13 different markets. 

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April - May 2016
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