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Per capita consumption is a key issue around the world, however in Latin America is still low. Ice cream brand Pingüino sees an opportunity to keep growing, due to the fact that the Ecuadorian market has a high ice-cream consumption, but was still low in impulse.

In state of development, the consumption dictates priority in generating frequency on impulse ice cream consumption. Pingüino, with the key objective of generating consumer interest, created a campaign that promotes appreciation of the category and brand relevance with "GOODBYE SERIOUS". The brand’s challenge was to change the perception of the category to "the every day snack" - it's time for a break cooler.


When people need a “pick me up” break, an ice-cream is the perfect afternoon re-charge when they might be flagging. The creative and media challenge was to contribute a communication plan that builds a sticky ritual, achieved through key channels for OCCASION BUILDING - be at the right place in the right moment, in a meaningful way. 

The strategy was to be present in the media channels with more penetration and affinity with the target.

Media Channel and mix: Open TV, Radio, OOH, Digital and Mobile. OOH was the primary means to generate awareness to the communication. On the road, on the beach, Giant TIC at strategic places on the road to the beach, pier and banners, High visibility for Pingüino, bus stations & buoys, Giant TIC photo booths and BTL beach activation.

It was also present at the cooler break at Guayaquil & Quito, locations at Bus stops each one with TIC displays, mega billboards, digital billboards, printed billboards, transport stations driving people to the webpage where humorous content could be found.

All media were integrated into ATL & BTL activations. The agency placed a stand at Mall del Sol (local shopping mall in Guayaquil) and invited people to get a T-shirt with their favourite Talking Ice Cream.  TV sponsorship, radio, PR & digital integration and celebrity support (through PR). The brand sent a Gift Bag with a personalised t-shirt to celebrities, with phrases specially tailored for each one of them. The bag also had some TIC promotional gifts such as mugs, notebooks, key chains and playing cards. This was also integrated on digital and social network. Facebook and Twitter were segmented to Ecuador as a whole, being the main media to have right time publications.


The agency focused on beach season to launch the campaign. On the road to the Beach, it had five Giant TIC, two billboards, 50 piers, 30 beach banners, four bus stations & buoys, plus three Giant TIC photo booths.

- Six days of fun on the beach with different activities: Inflatable pool, water volleyball and waterball games.
- Kids Zone: Sandbox, jumping and painting stations.
- Stage with comic shows.
- Pingüino walking Troops on the beach with games and fun for people (also selling IC)

After that, it began implementing the campaign at 15 city locations at bus stops, each one with three TIC displays, two mega billboards, eight digital billboards, five printed billboards and five double gates at METROVIA stations.

To ensure engagement, Initiative integrated an activity called “Pinguino Tweet Shirt” - t-shirts printed with a phrase that consumers would tweet using the hashtag #ChaoSeriedad. The activity lasted 10 days.

Steps to get the Pingüino Tweet Shirt:
1. Buy an ice-cream.
2. Tweet a cool phrase using #ChaoSeriedad
3. Get your personalised Pingüino Tweet Shirt.

The integration of media around the Big Idea was key to the success of this campaign. Using TV and media celebrities helped increased conversations and organic content around the activity.

On Facebook it had two segmentations, just as the whole campaign was set: Costa = beach season, Sierra= normal life/work. Twitter was segmented to Ecuador as a whole, being the main media to have right time publications. It also had two mobile formats with the Talking IC (one for each segmentation).


In only 10 days of campaign activation, the campaign achieved:

- Sell out volume: LOCAL JEWELS + Cornetto +24%

• 1,736 Cool Phrases #ChaoSeriedad
• 1,584 printed Tweet Shirts
• 13,259,756 impressions (five million organic).

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