In 2016, the Renault Duster Dakar Team, participating for the fourth consecutive year in the Dakar Rally, set an ambitious goal: improve upon its performance from previous years and finish among the world's top 10. The support provided by Renault Argentina to the Dakar Rally is part of the strategy to position the brand in competitions to highlight its true core, DNA and sports development. 

Consumers demand brands to help them improve their quality of life, not only with products, but also by making them feel better, entertained, which is why Havas Media Group worked together with Renault to bring them much closer to what they need, with value propositions related to current topics, because it understood that experience is mandatory. 

This is what motivates people to take and strengthen the path toward innovation and why brands invite consumers to discover a true experience that builds meaning from emotions, establishing meaningful connections and bonds between brands and consumers. 

From a strategic point of view, the agency thought that innovation would be a vital pillar to generate a positive and memorable experience. In line with this premise, it chose virtual reality as the point of contact. Thanks to immersive experiences of this kind, brands can create strong ties and the opportunity to live stories and events as never before, immersing consumers in the world of the brand, inviting them to discover its true essence. 


In light of the participation of the Duster Dakar Team in the 2016 Dakar Rally, the agency developed a virtual reality app that makes it possible to experience the sensation of being Emiliano Spataro's co-driver in his SUV during the competition. 

The Renault VR app is an invitation to accompany the Argentine driver in the 2016 Dakar Rally. 

It provides users with a 360-degree view of the interior and exterior of the vehicle, and allows them to experience with extreme realism the feeling of driving on sand and participating in the most challenging race in the world. 


In order to get the most out of the app, it is necessary to have the cardboard viewer: a cardboard gadget that makes it possible to experience that virtual reality thanks to its 40mm focal lens. 

The Renault VR app was available for download from PlayStore for all smartphones with Android or IOS with gyroscope. 

With regard to the media that complemented the action, the following should be mentioned: 

- In January, raffles were conducted in social networks to participate in this proposal driven by Renault. The winners received the special edition Cardboard viewer, with the design of Emiliano Spataro's helmet. 

- To promote the racing team the agency used Page Post Link Ad in Facebook, Video Ads in Instagram and Website Card and Promoted Tweet in Twitter. Likewise, on December 9, during the official presentation of the Renault Duster Team to the specialised press, a Trending Topic was created, kicking off the Dakar Rally and inviting people to participate, share anecdotes and find out more about the event. 

- Thanks to the multiple formats available in social networks, it used App Install Video Ad in Facebook, App Install Carousel in Instagram and App Cards in Twitter to redirect users to download the app. 

- Thanks to the results and impact of the 12/09 Trending Topic, Havas Media decided to add two new Trending Topics on January 2 and 16, when the Dakar Rally started and finished, not only in Argentina, but also in the rest of the countries involved in the event (Peru, Bolivia, Colombia). 

- On 01/03, when the race started, the agency added a Masthead in YouTube that led to a 360° video announcing for the first time in digital media the innovative proposal. 

- Using Waze allowed the agency to generate a mapping of the points of sale, the authorised dealerships, identified with the design of the cardboard icon. It also added rich media formats to the platform so as to generate branding for the event and the racing team. 


The campaign resulted in: 

- 53,294,385 total impressions 
- 95% of engagement achieved through devices 
- 4,960 final downloads 
999 new fans on Facebook 
1,466 new followers on Twitter 

It also generated trending topics on Twitter with the #DusterDakar hashtag. Renault was the brand that got the most new followers in Argentina. 

The comprehensive campaign achieved 76% coverage in the target and Renault created the first local virtual-reality experience for the car industry. 

After achieving greater awareness of event (+3%, for a total of 86%), the association and the positive perception of the brand in relation to its participation in the Dakar Rally (+3%, for a total of 89%) was strengthened.

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