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Insight is a British online retailer, which prides itself on being a convenient alternative to the traditional department store – offering everything from the best womenswear fashion to men, kids, outdoor, electricals and beyond.  

Very’s target audience (Miss Very) is a clearly defined female, 25-34 years-old, whose appearance is of great importance to her. She’s always on the lookout for the latest fashion and is a social style-seeker always keeping an eye out for new ideas, even if she isn’t looking to buy.  

Recent research had found that 70% of its target audience didn’t know that the brand also sold home and electrical products. Very wanted to use the summer season as an opportunity to not only raise awareness of its fashion offering, but drive sales in its non-clothing departments as well, becoming the ‘go to’ brand at this time of year. 


Agency HSE Cake decided to create awareness and drive relevancy through a meaningful link between and the summer soundtrack of her life by creating a PR campaign that she would see in her media and social feeds. It created a fully shoppable music video, using one of the most iconic sounds of summer and blending this with lifestyle and fashion in a relevant and engaging way. 

The strategy was rooted in audience insight. Miss Very is an escapist, looking to break her normal routine with good times, friends and holidays – as such summer is a key time for her to live the life she desires. It’s also a time when Very plays a big role in her life through clothing, footwear and other departments.  

Miss Very is socially active, over indexing in online and social usage. Her online behaviour showed that she looks to celebrity for purchasing decisions (i=268); that her most tweeted topics are first fashion, then music, with 90% using social to find out more about musicians and 80% to interact with them.  

It wanted to bring together these loves and tap into the great feeling unique to summer and its soundtrack of holidays, festivals, parties, all of which are important to Miss Very.  


The agency knew it needed an instantly recognisable track and video. So it chose the most iconic track of this time of the year, ‘Summertime’ by the Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff.  

After seeking permission to use the enduring summer hit, and working with Universal Music Group, it brought pop duo Rizzle Kicks on board to give a modern British take and rewriting of the track – enabling them to reflect on the summers of the past.  

The duo played the parts of Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff – while Jazzy Jeff himself made a cameo appearance in both track and video. This was the first time they had allowed the track to be covered in 24 years.  

Working with Fulwell 73 (famed for working on One Direction’s videos) the agency set about creating an entirely shoppable music video. The video was styled from stock across key summer product areas from Very including Womenswear, Menswear, Children and Outdoor, with the audience able to buy straight from the video utilising Google’s new shoppable ad function – TrueView. 

With a cameo from brand ambassador Rochelle Humes, and subtle product placement style branding, the video was identifiably Very. The video was hosted on a dedicated page of the brand’s website, along with supporting BTS and social content.  

Driving traffic direct to the page, 10,000 track downloads were available exclusively from The tracks went within a week.  

Finally, a #ThrowBackThursday 90s party was hosted with attendance from 100 media, celebrity and influencers.  


A total of £1.4 million ($2m) revenue generated direct from viewers of the video. 

 A significant rise in clothing, electrical and home product sales in the first few weeks of August – so much so, that the average site visit value was 265% higher than average 

 2.6 million content views, 45% of which were from first time visitors to 

 An engagement uplift of 26% compared to’s previous month 

 The video also proved to be on point with their consumer audience – thanks to a 91% positive reaction and 8/10 relevancy rating 

 170 pieces of coverage including The Sun, Daily Mirror, Daily Star, MailOnline, Sun+, Daily Telegraph online, 4Music, Huffington Post,
Heat, ITV2 

 A reach of over 30 million for #Summertime 

 Rizzle Kicks were so proud of the track; they released it on iTunes following the campaign’s impact.

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United Kingdom
August - September 2015
HSE Cake
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