When Google Maps went beyond giving directions to people. It unlocked a treasure. Thanks to Lay's


Come Cricket World Cup and every brand flocks to Twitter and Facebook with campaigns celebrating the stars of cricket and the winning sides of matches. But the true hero is the cricket fan and this Cricket World Cup, Lay’s was keen to reward fans for their passion for the game.  

It had a problem this CWC where the matches were scheduled at a time when majority of the audience would be on the go, sneaking a look at their phones and engaging on social media.  

So if it had to engage them, Mindshare knew mobile and social was a solution. 


Historically around every live sporting event Twitter sees a massive surge in conversations, as it lends itself as a preferred platform amongst youth to express and connect with audiences with shared interests and passion. But Lay's was not content with doing just another cricket campaign on Twitter.  

It wanted to reward cricket fans with the ultimate experience. For a cricket fan, there couldn’t have been any bigger reward than to watch the World Cup Finals live. So the agency thought of creating an online treasure hunt and sending those who were talking about the World Cup the most on a treasure hunt.  

But it needed a map for this treasure hunt and what better map could one think of than Google Maps. Mindshare decided to hide some tickets for fans inside Google Maps and let them reveal and claim it through interactions with the Lay’s Twitter handle. 

So it combined the social networking power of Twitter with the utility of Google Maps and created an uber-cool mashup application to engage the audience on a branded microsite. 

Presenting ‘Ticket Ka Game’ – a virtual treasure hunt for a World Cup Ticket to watch the Finals live where the tickets to the World Cup were HIDDEN INSIDE GOOGLE MAPS. 


1) Targeting Precision: Mindshare targeted Twitter audiences using Keyword Targeting and introduced ‘Ticket ka Game’. This ensured higher level of curiosity and buzz with minimal brand push. 

2) Technological Disruption: It brought together two giants – Google and Twitter to create a first-ever technological mashup using their APIs to create a destination that’s unique, practical, and fun. 

a. Incentivised Progress - The progress of the Treasure Hint was directly linked with the online chatter of the campaign. The map only zoomed in on receiving the correct answer. 
b. Real time Tracking - It tracked not only user performance in the treasure hunt, but also the social conversations in real time via campaign monitoring tools to plan the next move and be on the lookout for interesting points of intervention. 
c. Real time Leaderboard – One glance at the leaderboard showed the user progress along with its competitors, denoting their level of progress in the treasure hunt vis a vis the competition. 

3) The Mega Reveal – The top scorers in the Ticket Ka Game to unveil the location on the Google Maps were then shortlisted for the next leg of the Treasure Hunt, to happen on-ground. 

4) The Culmination – The top scorers had to make it to the revealed location by a particular time on a first-come-first-served basis. Mindshare further created obstacles for them and engaged them through tasks basis the clues they revealed. Eventually the first four contestants to complete the tasks were given tickets for the Cricket World Cup Finals. 


In a period where every other brand is running vanilla contests to woo consumers this was a first of its kind innovation that brings the two giants – Google & Twitter together to create an immersive technological experience for an audience that engages them. 

The campaign fused the social networking of Twitter and linked it with the functionality of Google Maps that ensured a huge spike of conversations around hashtags almost without much brand push.  

- Brand Love grew by 30% 
- Great Taste grew by 21% 
- Lay's grew in market share - volumes rose by 13% v/s 8% for Potato Chips category 
- Frequency of Consumption went up by +1pp 
- Engaged over 3.3 million consumers with 27.7 million reach 
- The avg time spent an on the app was 6 hours and garnered 409 million exposures  
- On social media, the sentiment analysis increased from 70% to 99% +ve and created one million conversations online. 
- And got a free PR coverage.  
- And best of all, Lay’s was the most talked about brand on social media amongst the ICC sponsors, next to Star Sports.

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