Do You Know the Best Time to Sample Fragrances?


2013 was a strong period for the Malaysian fragrance market. Due to increasing demand from urban and young consumers, the segment recorded a 5% growth in retail current value terms [Euromonitor].  

However, Enchanteur had an increasingly aging user base because of its long standing presence in Malaysia. While this fact highlights Enchanteur’s popularity in the market, it was a double-edged sword where the brand is likewise perceived as “for my mother”, thus, the younger crowd are staying away from it. 

In 2014, Enchanteur launched Princesse, a variant concocted for the young adults and adolescent teens in mind. The latter being the best source of new consumers. However, despite communications designed to appeal to them, these young women still refuse to pick up Princesse because of the “brand for my mother” stigma. But Carat believed in the product, and all it needed was to get Princesse into the hands of consumers. It knew that if they try it, they would love it. Trial to a wider group was the main goal, however, doing it in a way where consumers do not have to dodge the stigma. 


The biggest inspiration for the campaign was the dynamics of how women go out on dates. Fragrance has always played an important role because a good scent increases a woman’s overall self-confidence and appeal. It make them more attractive. 

That first look, that first touch – young adults are acutely aware of their significant other. For these young women embarking on new relationships, they are always anxious of what the guy will think about them, thus, they always put their best foot forward during dates. 

Thus, Carat recommended enchanting women who were out on dates, that time when people are particularly receptive to the good stuff around them. One popular dating spot is the cinema when the proximity of people are closer than usual [Source: Dipstick Survey]. Cinema-going is likewise the end activity during dates, and couples are in a relaxed mood, making them more sensitive to olfactory stimulus.  

In addition, what made cinema sensible is that the enclosed environment makes the air particles relatively stationary.  

These insights inspired the agency to sample Enchanteur Princesse at the cinemas where the air is still so that the scent will permeate more, where the couples are relaxed, making the sensorial experience effective.  

The idea? To defy traditional & boring ways of doing sampling by executing Malaysia’s first ever “scent-vertising” at the cinema. 


Through a partnership with cinema chain Tanjung Golden Village (TGV), the agency ensured that its “scent-vertising” activation takes place in cinema halls favoured by young couples. 

A typical Princesse advertisement ran, but it came with a twist. The ad had a young lady lead talent holding the Princesse bottle. She then proceeds to spray the perfume and at that precise moment the entire cinema hall was likewise enveloped with the scent of Princesse as if they were part of the advertisement.  

How did Carat do it? Through a series of scent diffusers strategically installed at the cinema halls. The “spritz sound” from the lady’s spraying action in the ad activated the diffusers to spray Enchanteur Princesse directly into the halls. This came as a pleasant 3D surprise to cinema watchers who were exposed to the usual cinema ads. 

To close the loop of trial, the ad ended with a call-to-action prompting the audience to redeem samples of Enchanteur Princesse through online requests. 

Instead of normal perfume booths, this execution enabled Carat to reach a captive audience precisely when they were in the right frame of mind and at the right mood without facing the stigma of trials. 


Malaysia’s first ever Cinema Scent-vertising changed the younger audiences’ perception about Enchanteur, ultimately leading to a sales index growth of 135 in 2014 (vs 100 during the same period in 2013). These women started to engage and resonate with the brand even more than before.  

This first in Malaysia innovative sampling reached the olfactory glands of approximately 157,000 people despite a small budget of just RM 83,131 ($20,500). 

This scent-sational execution aided Princesse to increase popularity on Facebook:  

(a) talkability increasing by 60%, and 
(b) fan base growth rate of 600% post campaign.  

This created a new legion of users that would forever change Enchanteur’s image as a brand “for my mother” to a brand “for me”.

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